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AMD Launching RX Vega 32, 28 & A Dozen New Vega 11 Cards, GPU Passes Certification

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Sep 22, 2017

AMD is readying several new graphics cards based on its Vega 11 GPU which has just passed its final manufacturing certification. The graphics cards will be based on AMD’s yet unreleased Vega 11 XT and Vega 11 Pro GPUs.

The new graphics cards are expected to replace AMD’s Polaris 10/20 GPUs found in the RX 480/70 and 580/70 graphics cards on the desktop as well as in laptops. The company is also preparing a variety of new Radeon Pro and Radeon Instinct accelerators based on the new GPU

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AMD Preparing To Launch 13 New Graphics Cards Based On Vega 11 GPU

A few days ago we reported that AMD’s Vega 11 GPU is entering production and that company had placed wafer orders some time ago with Globalfoundries, its manufacturing partner to produce the GPU dies. Yesterday, 13 different graphics card variants based on the new Vega 11 GPU passed their RRA certification in South Korea. Which means that Vega 11 based graphics cards are now ready to enter the market.

The RRA certification for Vega 10 appeared just a month ahead of AMD’s Radeon Vega Frontier Edition announcement, so we’re definitely nearing Vega 11’s debut. There were only six graphics board variants based on the Vega 10 GPU mentioned in its RRA ceritifaction, Vega 11 has 13.

Unlike Vega 10 which was exclusive to the desktop, Vega 11 will be the first ever HBM based graphics card to come to notebooks. So a number of those 13 certified boards are going to be mobile variants. If things go according to plan for AMD, Vega 11 should be ready to go into notebooks in time for the holiday season alongside its Raven Ridge APUs.

According to information that surfaced a couple of months ago, we know that two of the 13 graphics cards will be RX Vega boards and two more will be Radeon Pro boards. Finally, an unknown number of the 13 variants are Radeon Instinct accelerators.

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AMD Radeon RX Vega 32 & RX Vega 28 (RUMOR)

Whispers around the industry are that the two RX Vega boards based on Vega 11 will be RX Vega 32 and RX Vega 28. Vega 11 XT is rumored to have 2048 GCN stream processors, a 1024-bit memory interface and 4GB of HBM2, while Vega 11 Pro is rumored to have 1792 stream processors and the same memory interface and capacity. The cards are expected to go up against NVIDIA’s GTX 1060. As with all rumors take this information with a grain of salt. We should be able to learn more fairly soon, so stay tuned.

AMD Vega GPU Family

GPUPolaris 10Vega 10Vega 11Vega 20
Graphics CardRX 480Vega 64 / FETBATBA
Transistors In Billions5.712TBATBA
Stream Processors230440962048 (rumored)4096
Performance5.8 TFLOPSUp To 13 TFLOPSTBA12+ TFLOPS
TDP150WUp To 290WTBA~150W
Memory Bus256bit2048bit1024bitTBA
PCI Express3.
Bandwidth256 GB/s484 GB/sTBA1 Terabyte/s