AMD B2/C0 Revisions of Zambezi-FX (FX-8100,8110,8130P,8150P) Processors Detailed


A new chart posted at by a forum member has detailed the upcoming B2/C0 revisions of the Zambezi-FX Processors. The credibility of the chart can not be confirmed, But still it details quite a bit on the FX-8 series CPU's. The CPU's are currently scheduled for a launch in Q3 2011 (July-August).

The chart details Four Processors each featuring 8Cores and 8 Threads and include FX-8100,8110,8130P,8150P. We reported the FX-8150 a day earlier to feature a core clock of 4.2Ghz With turbo upto 4.7Ghz however the new chart details that the clocks mentioned were not genuine. Either they were fake or AMD decreased the clocks in the new revision which are now set at a default 4.0Ghz with turbo upto 4.4Ghz. TDP is now 125w compared to the 140w we reported earlier, Other specs of the C0 revision of 8150P will remain same like 1866Mhz memory support and 8Mb L3 Cache.

The FX-8130P (B2 Revision) will feature 3.8Ghz, Max T.C 4.2Ghz, 125W while the FX-8110 (B2 Revision) will feature 3.6Ghz, Max T.C 4.0Ghz, 95W. The FX-8100 was also reported to arrive in Q3 2011 but specs weren't detailed at that time, However the chart shows that the CPU will be part of the C0 revision featuring stock clock of 3.5Ghz which can turbo upto 3.9Ghz with a 95W TDP rating and 8MB L3 cache. The chart has been detailed below along with the FX- Processors.

  • AMD FX-8150P(C0) – 8 Core, 4.0Ghz, Max T.C 4.4Ghz, 125W (Unknown)
  • AMD FX-8130P(B2) – 8 Core, 3.8Ghz, Max T.C 4.2Ghz, 125W (320$)
  • AMD FX-8110(B2) – 8 Core, 3.6Ghz, Max T.C 4.0Ghz, 95W (290$)
  • AMD FX-8100(C0) – 8 Core, 3.5Ghz, Max T.C 3.9Ghz, 125W (Unknown)

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