AMD AM4 CPU, APU And Motherboard Spotted On Zauba – Spring 2016 Launch Imminent

AMD's AM4 platform and the Bristol Ridge family of APUs and CPUs have been subject to a number of leaks over the past several weeks. This leak, which is the latest of many, comes directly from the Zauba shipping database. In which we've spotted several AM4 components including an AM4 motherboard, a quadcore AM4 CPU and a quadcore AM4 APU.

AMD Bristol Ridge APUs
The leaked chips, which have been sent to AMD's testing facilities in India according to the shipping data, almost certainly belong to the Bristol Ridge family of APUs. We have one batch of quadcore APU prototypes with a 65W TDP and one batch of quadcore CPU prototypes with the same TDP. Both chips have been shipped within a couple of days of each other in late October.

Then we have an AM4 motherboard with the (FOC) acronym, which stands for Full Operational Capacity. The motherboard carries the MYRTLE code name and it's clearly pointed out that it supports DDR4.

AMD's 7th Generation APUs - Spring 2016 Launch Imminent

We spotted a bios microcode update about three months ago that's destined to make it to AM4 motherboard to facilitate AM4 APU and CPU compatibility. The updated included support for AMD's upcoming 7th generation APUs in which the code names Stoney and Bristol Ridge were given mention for the very first time in an official capacity.

Interestingly, we've looked at shipping data for AMD's mobile Carrizo chips and we've found that after approximately 4 months of appearing on the database the chips launched. This in turn indicates that the AM4 platform will inevitably launch in the spring of next year. Which coincides with the reports that surfaced a couple of weeks back which spoke of an AM4 debut around March of next year.

Bristol Ridge and Stoney Ridge both belong to AMD’s 7th generation APU line-up that the company announced back in May at its Financial Analyst Day event. The 7th generation of AMD APUs will forgo the aging FM2+ and AM3 sockets in favor of an all new platform based on AM4 socket. A socket that these chips will share with AMD’s hotly anticipated high-performance Summit Ridge family of CPUs.
Summit Ridge is the leaked code name for AMD’s upcoming FX family of enthusiast/high-end desktop CPUs featuring AMD’s brand new high performance x86 CPU core “Zen”, the development of which was spearheaded by the legendary CPU architect Jim Keller.

AMD Financial Analyst Day 2015 CPU APU Roadmap
Despite sharing the same platform, Summit Ridge processors will be made on a more advanced 14nm/16nm FinFET manufacturing process for better power efficiency and higher performance. While the Bristol Ridge and Stoney Ridge families will build-on the current Carrizo SOC design and maintain the same Globalfoundries’ 28nm SHP process. However Summit Ridge, Bristol Ridge and Stoney Ridge will all share DDR4 memory support and AM4 socket compatibility

AMD Financial Analyst Day 2016 CPU, APU, GPU Roadmap
All three families represent an all new top-to-bottom roll-out of brand new desktop CPU and APU products coming up next year. All AMD desktop processors, CPUs and APUs, will share a single vertical platform that employs the same socket. Differentiation in motherboard tiers will therefore occur at the chipset level. We should see a range of high-end to medium range and entry level chipsets to address the needs of enthusiasts who intend to pair Zen FX processors with a capable board as well as the needs of the more average user looking to build a simple APU based system.


Images Credited to Benchlife

Bristol Ridge High Performance Line-up

AMD Bristol Ridge Desktop AM4 SKUs:

SKUCoresBase/Boost ClockGPU CUsGPU SPsGPU Clock Memory TDP
AMD A12-980043.8/4.2 GHz8 CUs512 SPs1108 MHzDDR4-240065W
AMD A12-9800E43.1/3.8 GHz8 CUs512 SPs900 MHzDDR4-240035W
AMD A10-970043.5/3.8 GHz6 CUs384 SPs1029 MHzDDR4-240065W
AMD A10-9700E43.0/3.5 GHz6 CUs384 SPs847 MHzDDR4-240035W
AMD A8-960043.1/3.4 GHz6 CUs384 SPs900 MHzDDR4-240065W
AMD Athlon X4 95043.5/3.8 GHzN/AN/AN/ADDR4-240065W
AMD A6-950023.5/3.8 GHz6 CUs384 SPs1029 MHzDDR4-240065W
AMD A6-9500E23.0/3.4 GHz4 CUs256 SPs800 MHzDDR4-240035W
Athlon X4 97043.5+/3.8 GHz+N/AN/AN/ADDR4-240065W
Athlon X4 95043.5/3.8 GHzN/AN/AN/ADDR4-240065W
Athlon X4 94023.2/3.5 GHzN/AN/AN/ADDR4-240035W

Bristol Ridge Low Power Line-up

SKUCoresBase/Boost ClockL2 $GPU CUsGPU SPsGPU ClockMemoryTDP/cTDP
AMD FX-9830P / Pro A12-9830B43.0/3.7 GHz2 MB8 CUs512 SPs900 MHzDDR4-2400
AMD FX-9800P / Pro A12-9800B42.7/3.6 GHz2 MB8 CUs512 SPs758 MHzDDR4-1866
AMD A12-9730P / Pro A10-9730B42.8/3.5 GHz2 MB6 CUs384 SPs900 MHzDDR4-2400
AMD A12-9700P / Pro A10-9700B42.5/3.4 GHz2 MB6 CUs384 SPs758 MHzDDR4-1866
AMD A10-9630P / Pro A8-9630B42.6/3.2 GHz2 MB6 CUs384 SPs800 MHzDDR4-2400
AMD A10-9600P / Pro A8-9600B42.3/3.2 GHz2 MB6 CUs384 SPs686 MHzDDR4-1866
AMD Pro A6-9500B22.3/3.2 GHz1 MB4 CUs256 SPs800 MHzDDR4-1866
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