Amazon Confirms iPad Air 4 Design and 10.8-inch Display Size in Early Case and Screen Protector Listings

Uzair Ghani
iPad Air 4 design and screen size confirmed in early Amazon accessories listing

Though the cat's already out of the bag, but if you needed more proof about the iPad Air 4's existence, design and screen size, then allow Amazon to take center stage.

iPad Air 4 Display Size and Design Confirmed Ahead of 'Time Flies' Event Announcement, Thanks to Amazon

Just under two hours to go and Apple is going to reveal the iPad Air 4 to the world. Previous leaks suggest that it would be a repackaged 2018 iPad Pro with updated internals, that's it. But if you need further proof of its existence and what the screen size will be, then heading over to Amazon reveals way more than you should know.

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Just a simple search for 'iPad Air 4 case' or 'iPad Air 4 screen protector' will bring up a number of listings of accessories for the yet to be announced tablet. But the listings confirm the iPad Pro like design with slimmer bezels, and the screen protector listings confirm that the iPad Air 4 will feature a 10.8-inch display. If you were hoping for 11, then apparently that's a pro feature.

It also appears as though the new iPad Air will be using the second-generation Apple Pencil after all, if this marketing material for these cases is anything to go by.

An iPhone SE Plus 2020 screen protector listing also went up on Best Buy suggesting that Apple might have a silent iPhone related announcement to show. But, there is no telling whether or not it will actually happen.

Just under two hours to go and we will all know what Apple has been cooking.

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