Alpine’s New CarPlay Receiver is the Size of an 11-inch iPad Pro, Also Features Android Auto

Alpine announces Halo 11 receiver with CarPlay

At CES 2020, Alpine announced a brand new CarPlay / Android Auto receiver with a ginormous 11-inch floating display.

Alpine's New Halo 11 CarPlay / Android Auto Receiver Goes All-Out in Terms of Size

With iOS 13, Apple made CarPlay far more dynamic in terms of screen size on which it is being projected on. Meaning if you have a wide-screen display in your car's receiver, CarPlay will scale accordingly for an even better experience. Alpine most likely realized the flexibility this move had granted them therefore they unleashed the Halo 11 receiver onto the world.

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Let's get the usual stuff out of the way first. The Halo 11 features a USB port for plugging in your own music if you like, there's also an AUX input for those who still have a phone with that sort of luxury, an HDMI input and the ability to connect your rear-view camera. That's the basic stuff.

The real star of the show is that 11-inch display which is as large as the 2018 iPad Pro. What this means is that when you connect your iPhone using a Lightning cable (no wireless CarPlay, sorry) you'll get a beautiful large canvas of your apps, maps, music and more. If you are an Android user, then you will get the same luxury using Android Auto.

Through extensive industry research, the iLX-F411 includes all the features needed to command an exciting drive and is an ideal upgrade for the active weekender or everyday commuter. The increased screen size allows for safe navigation and easy control of music, text messages and phone calls through Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto™.

According to Alpine, the Halo 11 will go on sale this June with a price of $1,200. Yes, we know, it's not cheap. But for a display of that size in your car, you're getting a lot of bang for your buck.

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