Microsoft Teams for iOS is Gaining CarPlay Support for Joining Meetings on the Go


Microsoft Teams will be receiving an update on iOS soon that will add official support for CarPlay so you can join meetings right from your car.

CarPlay Support is Officially Coming to Microsoft Teams so You Never Ever Miss a Meeting... Ever

Although Microsoft Teams does support CallKit for accepting calls in your car when connected to CarPlay, but proper CarPlay support will allow you to join into a meeting from your car's infotainment system. While this feature is great and all, but there is one problem which we are certain you have already figured out - you can only join meetings in audio-only mode, no video support since CarPlay doesn't go that far. You can even use Siri to join meetings which is great.

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There are other features which Microsoft has announced as well including the ability to stay in a meeting 24/7, which is bonkers. But, if you have an iPhone and happen to use CarPlay a lot, then this specific news should ring nicely with you.