Alphacool Announces Ice Ball Digital RGB Spherical Reservoir For Custom-Loop Cooling

If your system has a custom liquid-cooling loop then you might want to take a look at the Ice Ball reservoir from Alphacool which not only has RGB integration but also comes with mounting for VPP 655 / 755 pumps.

Alphacool announced a new reservoir, which is in the shape of a sphere, has RGB lights and costs $88.02

This reservoir would be a great addition to any computer case that has a tempered glass window to show off this amazing and unique addition to your liquid-cooling loop. The reservoir is made out of transparent plexiglass and holds up to 700 mL of liquid which will allow for almost any computer components to stay cool. The exact measurements of the reservoir are 5.1 × 5 × 5 inches (12.7 cm), one of the included mounting plates allows the reservoir to be mounted to either a 120 mm or 140 mm fan slot on a radiator, the other mounting plate is for more conventional mounting locations, and the included Velcro mat which allows you to place this reservoir virtually anywhere.

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This reservoir does have a chrome ring that houses the RGB strip that has a total of 22 digital RGB LEDs. These LEDs are powered by an aRGB adapter or by a mini aRGB adapter that plugs into the included digital RGB controller.

The reservoir has an integrated pump top for VPP 655 / 755 pumps, although the pump itself is sold separately. Compatible pumps should fit neatly inside the reservoir making your liquid-cooling loop generate less vibration while also keeping your loop looking amazing.

The fill port is easily accessible being on the top side which allows for a quick and easy filling of the reservoir, while the in and out ports are located on the back to keep the front looking clean.

The Ice Ball reservoir's design is different from almost every other reservoir on the market, being that most other reservoirs are primarily either a cylinder or cube shape. This reservoir is currently available at for just €79.94 or $88.02, If you are waiting for a Black Friday deal to pick up a new reservoir, unfortunately, it doesn't seem like this reservoir will be discounted but it's already at a low price when compared to other solutions.

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