S-OFF, Root and Install Custom Recovery Tool on HTC One Max (All Variants) – How to

This guide will help you unlock the bootloader of your massive HTC One Max. You will be able to root HTC One Max and also install a custom recovery tool - ClockworkMod or TWRP.

Prerequisites before you root HTC One Max:

  • Gaining S-Off and root access voids warranty.
  • Create backup of all your important data on HTC One Max.
  • Go to HTC Dev Portal and open an account there. Click on the Unlock Bootloader icon on the page and unlock the bootloader of your HTC One Max device by following the onscreen instructions.
  • Enable USB Debugging on your Max from Settings > Developer Options.

How to Root HTC One Max and install custom recovery:

Required files: These files are required to be downloaded

  1. Android SDK - set it up on your PC.
  2. Fastboot/ADB files - extract the zip.
  3. Beaups’ Rumrunner Tool.
  4. Unsecure kernel file for HTC One Max: Sprint_One_Max_1.16.651.4_Unsecure_kernel.Zip
  5. SuperUser file - copy it to your device.
  6. Preferred custom recovery tool (after download, copy it to Android SDK Fastboot-ADB folder)
    1. CWM Recovery:
      1. HTC One Max (International): Recovery-Clockwork-Touch-
      2. HTC One Max (Sprint): Recovery-Clockwork-Touch-
      3. HTC One Max (Verizon): Recovery-Clockwork-Touch-
    2. TWRP Recovery:
      1. HTC One Max (International): Openrecovery-Twrp-
      2. HTC One Max (Sprint): Openrecovery-Twrp-
      3. HTC One Max (Verizon): Openrecovery-Twrp-
- How to root HTC One Max:
  • Connect your HTC One Max with your PC and copy the SuperUser.zip file to your device.
  • Open command prompt and launch command by Shift key and Right click - make sure the location of custom recovery is same as fastboot and ADB files.
  • Enter following command:
    • adb devices - press Enter.
  • Your device is properly connected if you see its serial number in the command box.
  • Enter the following command - it will reboot your HTC One Max in Bootloader mode:
    • adb reboot bootloader 
  • Once you are in the Bootloader (HBOOT) mode, use the Volume keys to highlight Fastboot and select with Power button.
  • Now go to Android SDK Fastboot-ADB folder where you have already copied the recovery .img file. Open the command window in this folder by Shift and Right click combo and type the following command with the part of command in italics the name of your recovery image file:

    • fastboot flash recovery yourRecoveryFileName.img - hit Enter
  • The process of installing of your chosen custom recovery will now start on HTC One Max.
  • Once done, go to REBOOT BOOTLOADER and select it.
  • Scroll and then select RECOVERY option. This will take you to CWM or TWRP recovery interface.
  • Select install zip from sdcard (for CWM) OR Install (for TWRP); navigate to the downloaded SuperUser.zip file and select it.
  • Confirm installation when asked.
  • When done, go to REBOOT option to boot your HTC One Max as a rooted, fully furnished with custom recovery device!
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