All New 2021 MacBook Pro Models Start with 512GB Storage, M1 Model Starts at 256GB

Uzair Ghani
2021 MacBook Pro models will ship with 512GB SSD as base storage

Looking to buy the new, powerful MacBook Pro notebooks Apple announced today? You'll be getting 512GB of base storage across the board.

Base 2021 MacBook Pro Models Will Ship with 512GB of SSD, Option to Bump that up to 8GTB is also Available

If you go to Apple right now and buy yourself a new notebook, it comes configured with a 256GB SSD. You can, of course, bump that up to 2TB if you like, as long as you're willing to spend extra money. However, with the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro notebooks, the base storage is set to 512GB. That is a lot, and seems just right, given how these notebooks start at $1,999 for the cheapest model.

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If you're looking to bump up the storage to 1TB, then you have to shell out an extra $200. 2TB requires you to drop in $600, whereas the highest-tier storage option, which is 8TB, will set you back an extra $2,400. That storage is more than the cost of the notebook itself. Be extremely smart before you decide to bump that storage.

If you're a casual user looking to buy these notebooks just for fun, then 512GB should work out for you just fine. But, if you are someone who does not believe in using cloud storage if you are running out of space then the 1TB option could be the sweet spot for you.

If you're interested in learning all about these laptops, then be sure to check out the following:

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