Alice Madness Returns, now this is what I call one crazy chick

Alice Madness Returns is a sequel to the classic "American McGee's Alice" and after watching the trailer I am sure that you will think that Dead Space's protagonist Issac Clarke doesn't have as many issue as Alice does.

After watching the trailer I am pretty sure that EA has now developed a habit of looking for a protagonist with a disturbed mind 😛 First Issac Clarke and now Alice, won't be soon till we have an entire game series dedicated to characters who are crazy.

The game looks like your average platform jumping hack and slash adventure game but I have high hopes of this game, the first game was a sleeper hit which didn't get the attention it deserved but this time around Alice can finally get the spot light she deserves, many of us may have seen the Disney adaption (animated) of Alice in Wonderland and read the book too but none of us could have ever figured that such a dark Wonderland can EVER be real.

The game is multiplatform like Duke Nukem you can expect to play DNF and this on the PC / PS3 and the XBOX 360 so no one is left out of the fun this time around. While Shadows of the Damned and Infamous 2 (PS3 Exclusive) are both not on the PC you can still enjoy 2 great games if you are a PC fan.

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