Fear shall be known in Alice: Madness Returns

Rizwan Anwer

How many of us remember the classic story of Alice and her adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll? how of us saw the disney movie (s) and wondered that what if they turned the sweet innocent of Wonderland into something more "horrific", American McGee's Alice changed the way we looked at the bunny tea party and mad hatter parties in what is still considered a classic game, though the game is practically a fossil now (it WAS released in 2000 after all).

Though I tried playing American McGee's Alice on my home rig it gave me a LOT of compatibility issues on Windows 7 and hence I never got to enjoy the game properly. But after many a years of silence and patience we can finally return and embrace the madness with everyone's favorite rogue hole traveler.

The trailer for Alice: Madness Returns is quite a thrill ride and this is definitely ONE game you should keep away from little children, American McGee's Grimm is still a fantastic game and one playthrough was enough for me. The games expected release date is Early 2011 and maybe this time we can expect a console wide and PC release too?

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