Alan Wake Publishing Rights Have Just Reverted to Remedy Entertainment

Alessio Palumbo
Control Alan Wake Remedy

Alan Wake publishing rights have reverted to Remedy Entertainment, as announced by the company this morning with the following press release.

For its first half-year period of 2019, Remedy Entertainment Plc records approximately 2.5 million euros of royalties from previously released games as one-time income. The royalties are paid to Remedy during the second half-year period of 2019. In relation to this, the publishing rights of Alan Wake games are reverted to Remedy.

This one-time income does not significantly affect Remedy’s full-year result, because as previously reported, the Company continues to invest in developing new games, the success of which have a greater impact on the Company’s full-year revenue and result.

Given that Remedy already owned the IP itself, with the publishing rights (previously in the hands of Microsoft) back at their disposal the Finnish developers could very well work on a new Alan Wake game. It's something that the Remedy community has been requesting for a very long time.

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In a recent interview we conducted with Remedy's Communications Manager Thomas Puha, he said:

[...] every time when we say something about Alan Wake it becomes a headline. So I hope this doesn’t sound bad, but look, we’ve been saying the same thing for so long. We like Alan Wake, we’re fully moved and it’s not like we don’t want to make more, we just got to find the right opportunity, but it’s really humbling how much love there is. Any time we put out some communique or trailer, there’s always going to be people saying Alan Wake 2 please, so we hear you, but it’s the same thing as we’ve been saying for years, we’ve got to find the right opportunity.

In the meantime, Alan Wake is being adapted into a TV series while Remedy is in the process of finishing up their new IP Control, due for release on August 27th. The game looked solid and fun during our E3 preview, which is why it received our Best Action Game of the Show award.

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