Akasa Announces the Turing QLX, A Fanless case for the Intel NUC 9 Pro

Evan Federowicz
Turing QLX
Source: Akasa

Akasa has announced the Turing QLX fanless case, which like the Turing A50 case, is designed with a specific single-board computer. While the Turing A50 case is designed for the ASUS PN50, the Turing QLX case is designed for the Intel NUC 9 Pro single board computer. Akasa has yet to announce any pricing information for the Turing QLX case, but they have created a product page showcasing its features.

Akasa's Turing QLX case is a passive case for the Intel NUC 9 Pro, featuring support for the Intel Core i9 NUC device

The Turing QLX case features a fanless design, which can cool not only the Intel NUC 9 Pro but also a low powered fanless GPU. This design includes symmetrical extruded fins on a single side of the case, and this side is connected to the CPU through the copper heat pipes. This unique design can cool up to a 45-watt processor, supporting many Intel NUC 9 Pro computers. This case measures 212 mm x 150 mm x 220 mm.

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Turing QLX
Turing QLX

This case can support BXNUC9i9QNB, BXNUC9i7QNB, BXNUC9i5QNB, BKNUC9VXQNB, and BKNUC9V7QNB. This case features two slots, and these two slots are ideal for a low powered and fanless graphics card to be easily installed into the NUC 9 Pro computer. These NUCs can have a large range of processors installed, ranging from the Intel Core i5-9300H up to an Intel Core i9-9980HK processor. The BKNUC9VXQNB is the only Intel NUC 9 Pro to feature an Intel Xeon E-2286M processor, which features eight cores and sixteen threads with a max turbo frequency of 5.00 GHz.

The Turing QLX case is perfect for various applications, and these applications include Machine Vision, Intelligent Surveillance, and even Factory Automation. This wide array of applications allows this fanless case to be a perfect addition to nearly any industrial application, and since this case features no fans, there will be significantly less dust when compared to other cases for the Intel NUC 9 Pro.

This case's assembly is straightforward, having just four main outer panels and a few internal components that easily connect to the installed Intel NUC 9 Pro computer. Akasa has yet to announce the pricing for the Turing QLX case.

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