AirPods Manufacturer Is Stepping Up Production Speed Due to Extremely Strong Demand of Product


Despite the issues that have come with purchasing a pair of AirPods and the astronomical cost should you mistakenly misplace them, the Bluetooth-connected earplugs are popular amongst masses looking to replace their current wired earbuds with something different. In fact, the demand has been so strong that Apple’s supplier has been forced to ramp up production in order to meet this scaling demand.

AirPods Manufacturer Inventec Will Have to Speed up Production in Order to Keep With the Strong Demand for the Bluetooth-Powered Earbuds

According to one report (via Digitimes), the year-end holidays are seeing a huge boost concerning demand for AirPods and it will only be beneficial for the company’s chief supplier and manufacturer Inventec, who intends on ramping up production to record a sizable revenue.

“Apple is seeing strong demand for its AirPods during the year-end holidays and its strong sales are expected to benefit the device's manufacturer Inventec, according to a Chinese-language Economic Daily News (EDN) report. Inventec declined to comment on its orders.

The report noted that Inventec has recently started expanding capacity at its Shanghai plants in order to satisfy increasing demand for the earphones and the plants are currently working overtime to deliver orders.”

The success of the AirPods is so great that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has actually labelled the product as a ‘runaway success’. You could argue that there are several offerings out there that could challenge the functionality of AirPods, but the magic of W1 chip will definitely aid in beating all of them by a mile. The only drawback of owning the $159 pair is that their diminished size can easily cause you to misplace them and acquiring a different set isn’t the most financially sound choice for you. Also, you’ll need a constant internet connection to summon Siri, so that’s something you will have to bear with.

Let us hope that when the company is introducing the successor of its AirPods, they come in an even smaller form factor and at the same time, get shipped out with a feature that will help the owner locate a lost AirPod, which is bound to happen if you’re not careful.