Apple CEO Tim Cook: AirPods Are a Run Away Success, Making Units as Fast as We Can


The back-ordered Apple AirPods earphones 'are a run away success' for Apple, according to CEO Tim Cook.

Apple is Making AirPods as Fast as it Can, Apparently a Massive Success for the Company

The AirPods have created enough drama before launch to quickly warrant them a place in any textbook. After multiple delays and whatnot, the earphones have finally landed but managed to sell out more quickly than any other accessory in Apple's history, it seems. But that's not all, if you buy the earphones now, you won't be able to get them for at least 6 weeks.

As if we needed further confirmation regarding the AirPods' accomplishment, CEO Tim Cook chimed in on the matter, calling the newfound accessory a 'run away success.' The man further went on to state that the company is making AirPods as fast as they can. The revelation was made on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, reported by CNBC.

There are several truly wireless earphones out there, but nothing comes close to the amount of technology Apple's offering packs. For example, you can double on either earpiece to invoke Siri, or if you take out one earphone out of your ear, the music will pause instantly. But aside from that, Apple's accessory does one job and does it well: blast audio into our ears.

That's not all though, even the charging case packs quite a bit of tech under the hood. Apart from the usual job of charging the AirPods whenever you dock them inside, the case connects wirelessly so that you can see directly on your iPhone or iPad how much charge it holds.

Wrap Up

Given the AirPods are currently sitting at 6 weeks' shipping time, it remains to be seen if that number will drop drastically in the coming weeks. If Apple has indeed ramped up production for the earphones, the availability should be reflected immediately in its store.

We will keep our readers posted if we have any update regarding the accessory's availability, so stay tuned. In the meantime, let us know in the comments section below what you think about the AirPods.