AirPods Battery Drain Issues With Charging Case Experienced Amongst Users


The charging case that comes with Apple’s AirPods might be a flexible way of charging your Bluetooth-enabled earphones, but it appears that users are experiencing battery issues with this charging case.

Users Are Claiming That the AirPods’ Charging Case Loses 40 Percent of Charge in Mere Hours

Reddit is the ‘go to’ hub where you will find most gadget users addressing the issue that they're experiencing in the hopes that a Samaritan will be lurking around to provide them with a solution to the problem. One Reddit user who goes by the handle severinskulls describes his experience as follows:

“I made a thread about this a few days after Airpods were released but I guess it didn't get noticed with all of the other "ZOMGGG I GOT AIRPODS" threads at the time.

I was having the exact same issue you had. Airpods in case, go to bed with full charge and waking up with 15%-20% of the case charge gone. That’s a full charge cycle for the airpods themselves!

I spoke to apple support online. They had no answer how long the charge of the case should last when the airpods are not in use. They made an appointment for me in store as all diagnostics at the moment are being handled in store they said. Cut to this morning, go in for my appointment. The genius was very friendly. I was his first airpods case. Turns out he also has no info on whether this rate of the battery draining is normal. He said that definitely they are designed to lose charge over time as cycling the charge improves the health of the airpod batteries. However as I pointed out, going from a full charge to empty in two days while they are sitting there unused seems way too fast. To be safe, he placed my airpods. So i got a brand new pair.

They were fully charged at 9pm, and i will check in the morning to see how much charge they lose. If i experience something different to my other airpods, we can deduce some are draining faster than others. I have a bad feeling this is how they are supposed to work though :(. “

The user received a replacement AirPods with a new charging case for the trouble he was going through and after testing them out thoroughly, the conclusion drawn was that there is a battery issue with the charging case as the new one was not exhibiting the issues plaguing the previous one. If users are experiencing similar issues, then they are recommended to get a replacement AirPods as quickly as possible.