Here’s How Much You’ll Have to Pay if You Lose an Apple AirPod


Spending $159 is quite an investment for Apple’s new AirPods and as tiny as they are, it looks like you will have to take special care of them if you don’t want them to get lost, otherwise you could see yourself paying a significant amount of money, even if one of them ends up getting misplaced.

You Could End up Paying $69 for a Single Missing AirPod – Warranty Charges Are Going to Be Applied Separately

It goes without saying that Apple’s AirPods might be one of the biggest high maintenance products you have ever purchased and when we say high maintenance, we’re talking about the future expenditures it might incur. First off, according to Apple, its pair of AirPods are charged inside of a case, meaning that you will have to protect the case as well as the pair of AirPods from being lost. If you manage to lose either one of them, then it will cost you $69 for whichever accessory you end up losing.

That’s definitely a bit of a setback so always be mindful of what you will be purchasing. Apple states that you can get up 5 hours of battery time with the pair of wireless earphones, and you can effortlessly switch between calls, videos and music. Thanks to the W1 chip present inside, it is able to possess touch-based controls and also provides support for Siri.

Thanks to their miniature size, you could end up losing them, so take care to keep them in a separate case whenever you decide to head out or they could cost you dearly. Apple has provided consumers a lifeline; if any AirPod battery starts to fail, then Apple will replace that battery without charging you a single dime. However, if the warranty period is expired, then you could be paying $49 to replace that battery. In one way or another, you could end up paying for a single AirPod, directly or indirectly.

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