Tim Cook Believes Existing AirPods Owners Will Purchase the AirPods Pro, Implying the Latest Product as Less of an Upgrade

Omar Sohail
An AirPods Pro Upgrade Is for Existing AirPods Owners, Implies Tim Cook

A lot of customers would believe that an AirPods Pro upgrade down the line would be a worthy one, considering it delivers improved sound over the regular AirPods and features more or less the same battery life. However, Apple CEO Tim Cook seems to think differently, and believes that the AirPods Pro are for customers who already own a pair of AirPods.

Tim Cook Is Currently Unaware of the AirPods Pro Upgrade Cycle; States There Isn’t Enough Data to Comment on Something Like This Right Now

Apple’s CEO commented on the iPhone 11’s starting price earlier, and according to his perspective, they are selling very well. However, the same optimism was not shared when commenting on the AirPods Pro, with his string of opinions being shared shortly after Apple’s fourth quarter earnings went live.

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“We're anxious to see the customers for the new AirPod[s] Pro. I would guess that one, particularly in the early going, will be people that have AirPods today and want to also have a pair for the times they need noise cancellation.”

Simply stated, Tim Cook could imply that an AirPods Pro upgrade is for customers who want a second pair of wireless earphones with additional features such as Active Noise Cancellation. However, we’d argue that if customers were to purchase an AirPods Pro, the improved features coupled with similar battery life would mean a majority of them would probably end up giving away their existing AirPods to a family member or friend.

While Tim Cook cannot comment on the AirPods Pro upgrade cycle for now, a separate estimate believes that approximately 2 million of Apple’s $249-priced wireless earphones are expected to ship, but it’s unclear if that’s for the entire year, or a specific quarter. For now, customers who wish to make an AirPods Pro upgrade can check out our detailed comparison between Apple’s latest product and the company’s standard AirPods so they know which one to purchase in the future.

We’ll also recommend opting for AppleCare+ for just $29, since replacing the AirPods Pro will be an expensive endeavor for you if it comes to that.

News Source: AppleInsider

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