Intel Haswell-EP Supports DDR4; Uses Up To 160W/190 Amps

Sabeeh Qureshi

There is a constant and increasing competition between the CPU and GPU segment and therefore Intel plans to move away from its traditional models namely 65, 95, 130W to something more of 120, 135 145 and 160W TDP.

Haswell will be up to 16 cores in one chip and these monsters will come into the market around the second half of 2014. The TDP’s will off course vary along with clock speeds according to their respected models.

Now coming onto the point that’s the interesting bit for overclockers out there is the power draw. On Turbo mode, it take up to 120 amps while the new Haswell silicon has been designed to take up to a massive 190 amps on AIR! So think of it this way, you’re an overclocking king if you’d manage to sustain 190A at sub zero temperatures and up the voltage to around 1.5+ volts which totals to around 300W.

Coming onto the platform, the 2013-2014 server and workstation platforms will be known as Grantly that support both DDR3 and DDR4 with a large number of memory options.

This all won’t be shown to the public though until IDF Fall 2013 (that too behind closed doors) or any future trade show in 2014.

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