Update Flash Now! Adobe Patches 77 Critical Vulnerabilities in Flash Player

Rafia Shaikh

Adobe has patched 77 critical vulnerabilities, releasing new versions of Adobe Flash Player.

adobe flash player zero day exploit

Yep, Flash is still (arguably) well and alive. Rated critical, Adobe has released new versions of Flash Player, fixing some 77 exploits. Recently discovered Flash vulnerabilities include stack and buffer overflow, type confusion, integer overflow, and memory corruption issues leading to code execution. The latest release also fixes some security bypass flaws. Most of these vulnerabilities could be exploited for arbitrary code execution. However, Adobe claims that there is no evidence of any of the patched vulnerabilities having been exploited by malicious actors.

These critical vulnerabilities affect Flash Player version (Windows, Mac) / and earlier. The vulnerabilities impact Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. The newly released Adobe Flash Player carries the version number, (Desktop Runtime with support for Firefox and Safari) and (Extended Support).

Download latest Adobe Flash Player version:

As web browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge have Flash Player built-in, it is wise to update these whenever newer versions of Flash Player become available. Google has already released a new version of Chrome to update Flash and fix 7 other security exploits. As Adobe's bulletin explains, "Adobe Flash Player installed with Google Chrome will be automatically updated to the latest Google Chrome version, which will include Adobe Flash Player for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Chrome OS."

adobe flash player in chrome

Microsoft's Edge and Internet Explorer for Windows 10 and Internet Explorer for Windows 8.x also receive automatic updates. You can also check for yourself which version of Flash Player is running on your machine and then proceed to download the latest, safer version.

adobe flash player

Adobe last updated Flash Player less than a month ago sending fixes for about 17 critical vulnerabilities. For the past few years, the application has been at the center of problems ranging from critical security flaws to poor performance issues. However, it seems like there are still a good few days left in the life of Flash.


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