ACER Readies Its First Custom Intel Arc A770 Predator BiFrost Graphics Card, Impressive Dual-Fan Design

Hassan Mujtaba
ACER Readies Its First Custom Intel Arc A770 Predator BiFrost Graphics Card, Impressive Dual-Fan Design 1

It looks like ACER has joined the Intel Arc bandwagon and will soon be offering their first Arc A770 Predator BiFrost custom graphics card.

ACER's Intel Arc A770 Predator BiFrost Custom Graphics Card Comes With A Unique Dual-Fan Cooler

ACER won't be the first OEM to offer a custom graphics card design for a major GPU vendor. We've seen Lenovo offering its own GeForce RTX 4090 Legion designs that are designed for its pre-builds and now, we get to see ACER's awesome new design. It is not clear if ACER will be keeping this OEM PC-only or releasing the cards in the DIY segment too but based on their marketing, it looks like we might just get these cards as a DIY launch.

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As for the design itself, the Acer Intel Arc A770 Predator BiFrost comes with a 2.5-slot design & uses a custom PCB that is powered by dual 8-pin connectors. We can see a glimpse of the aluminum-fin heatsink and at least four massive heat pipes stretching out through the back. The most interesting aspect of the card is its front shroud.

The card comes with two fans, one of which uses a standard axial approach & uses a flow-through approach that vents air out of the back since there's no PCB underneath it and there's also a second fan that kind of looks like a blower design. The second fan sits directly over the GPU and will dissipate heat much faster than the axial fan but blower fans are a bit noisy. So it will be interesting to see how ACER manages the noise levels on this card.

But despite that, the card looks really impressive with its stylish design and the use of RGB elements on the fans and the sides of the shroud. Currently, ACER hasn't shared any details regarding the launch, prices, and TDPs of clocks but we are bound to get them in a few days when A770 cards officially launch.

Intel Arc A770 Graphics Card - 32 Xe Cores, 16 GB Memory, 2.1 GHz

The Intel Arc Alchemist lineup will include the flagship Arc A770 which will feature the full ACM-G10 GPU with 32 Xe-Cores and a 256-bit bus interface. The Intel Arc A770 will feature both 16 GB and 8 GB flavors across a 256-bit bus interface and a TDP of 225W. The clock speeds for the card will be rated at 2.1 GHz for the GPU (Graphics Clock) and 17.5 Gbps for the GDDR6 memory, offering up to 560 GB/s of bandwidth.

It is expected to be positioned in the same performance category as the RTX 3060 but will offer slightly better performance. We have seen several benchmarks of the Arc A770 here and here. The graphics card will be starting at $329 US pricing for the 8 GB variant while the Limited Edition with 16 GB memory will be priced at $349 US which is a very small premium for twice the memory cap. The graphics card is said to offer up to 42% better performance per dollar versus the NVIDIA RTX 3060 (overclocked variant).


The Intel Arc A770 & Arc A750 will be officially launching on the 12th of October with prices starting at $329 and $289 US, respectively.

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