Acer Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM Will Give You a Relaxing Massage While You Play

Alessio Palumbo
Acer Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM

The recently unveiled Acer Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM promises to do more than just provide you with a comfortable seat while you play (or work). Thanks to the partnership with OSIM, the V-Hand Massage Technology is supposed to emulate the hands of a masseuse on the neck and shoulders to decrease the user's tension during gameplay.

The cozy and ergonomic chair is highly adjustable, able to be reclined up to 145 degrees, and gamers can make use of buttons on the chair’s right-side arm rest to control two sets of rollers that mimic a pair of agile hands tracing the s-curve of the spine. Three automatic massage programs (Neck & Shoulders, Lumbar and Energize) are available, designed by a massage expert to target the neck, shoulder and lumbar regions—all known to be common pain points for gamers due to prolonged periods spent sitting.

Gamers are provided with many options to customize their massage beyond simply varying the massage techniques used. The chair’s rollers can be adjusted to suit six different shoulder positions in order to cater to people of differing heights and there are also roller width settings which provide gamers with the ability to hit exactly the right spot, regardless of their body width. Furthermore, gamers have the option of setting a programmable spot-massage that focuses on a single area, giving particularly aching muscles a bit of extra attention and care.

The Acer Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM features black carbon fiber patterned PVC leather with metallic dark gray and teal accents. That's not all, as Acer also added a pair of built-in Bluetooth speakers on the chair's headrest so that you won't even have the need of putting on a headset while playing.

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There's no release date or pricing information of the Acer Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM yet.

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