Noblechairs Announces The DOOM Edition Of The HERO Gaming Chair

Evan Federowicz
Source: Noblechairs

Noblechairs has officially released the DOOM Edition of its HERO Gaming Chair. This gaming chair is styled after the game called DOOM that was released back in 2016. This chair provides some fantastic features that allow gamers to play for hours with no discomfort. One of these features includes Noblechairs's integrated adjustable lumbar support.

The DOOM HERO gaming chair was designed with gamers and eSports professionals in mind

The DOOM HERO gaming chair was created with not only feedback for eSports professionals but also extensive feedback from the gaming community. From the Integrated Adjustable Lumbar support to the enlarged backrest and seat area have all been built with not only input from the esports professionals but also the overall gaming community.

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Source: Noblechairs

This chair offers wider armrests, an expanded seat surface, and a larger / more extended backrest. This HERO gaming chair provides extreme comfort by combining a memory foam headrest and a thick cold foam upholstery.

The DOOM HERO chair has been built to offer comfort for even the most prolonged gaming sessions. This gaming chair utilizes not only an adjustable backrest, a tilt mechanism, and adjustable 4D armrests. The backrest can be tilted back, while the included rocker mechanism enables the chair to be tilted easily. These mechanisms allow for individually adjustable seat height as well as a convenient backrest locking function.

The DOOM HERO gaming chair features large and adjustable 4D armrests, and this chair currently has the largest armrests of all the chairs which are available from the Noblechairs. Not only does this chair features the largest, but it also provides individual adjustment for each armrest.

Source: Noblechairs

This version of the HERO gaming chair features designs inspired by the game of DOOM, which was released back in 2016. The overall design of this chair has a black and red color scheme and has the classic DOOM logo printed on both the back and the front of the chair. There is also the phrase "Rip and Tear" located on the bottom back of the chair. This phrase is a reminder of what DOOM is genuinely all about.

The Hero Gaming chair - DOOM edition is available from as well as other online retailers and is currently priced at $499.99.

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