Arcadeo Gaming Chair Sports 16 Cores Processor and 10 Haptic Actuators to Let You Feel Everything


Arcadeo, a French startup, showcased its first product at CES 2020. It's a gaming chair, but a rather special one.

That's because it sports a 16 cores processor and 10 haptic actuators to provide a 'third sensorial experience', letting you feel every bit of feedback from your games.

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You may also customize the intensity of each vibration point, as well as tweaking the brightness of the integrated LED system, via an app. Additionally, the Arcadeo gaming chair is said not only to be compatible with all gaming platforms, but even with non-gaming content such as music and videos like movies or TV series.

For its innovations, the Arcadeo gaming chair won CES 2020 prizes in the Gaming and Computer Peripherals categories. The product should be released later this year and is expected to be priced somewhere around $800.

Check out the full specifications and a brief product trailer below.

Features and Specifications

  • 10x Haptic actuators
  • 16x Cores multiprocessor
  • USB C 3.1, 3.5mm jack plug & bluetooth 4.0
  • Backrest : high and reclining with locking function
  • Backrest angle : 90° to 160°
  • Armrests : 4D (height, depth, width and orientation adjustment)
  • Cushions included: 1 head cushion, 1 lumbar cushion
  • Hydraulic gas lift : Class 4
  • Casters : Silent casters ABEC7
  • Maximum load of the chair: 330lbs / 150kg
  • Weight of the chair: 61lbs / 28kg
  • LED: RGB LED (on the edges of the backrest and seat)
  • Stitching: Arcadeo logo on the front and the back of the backrest and on the cushions
  • Padding : High quality firm foam


  • Frame : Steel
  • Backrest padding : Moulded foam density 84.lbs/yd³
  • Seat padding : Moulded foam density 84lbs/yd³
  • Chair coating : Polyurethane
  • Cushions coating : Polyurethane
  • Cushion stuffing: Memory foam
  • Base : Aluminium
  • Armrests : Polyurethane, nylon, metal, aluminium
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