Acer Is Making The Best Intel Arc A770 Custom Design In The Form of A770 Predator BiFrost, Listed For $404 US With 16 GB VRAM

Hassan Mujtaba

Who knew that Acer would go on to offer the best custom design for Intel's Arc A770 graphics card in the form of the Predator BiFrost. The manufacturer recently introduced its latest model which is a full-on custom model with an interesting cooler and the highest power rating of all.

Acer & Intel Join Hands To Offer The Best Arc A770 Custom Graphics Cards, Meet Predator BiFrost With 16 GB VRAM & 280W TDP

A few weeks back, Acer teased its Intel Arc A770 Predator BiFrost graphics card and now, the card has officially hit retail, at least in Taiwan. The Predator BiFrost variant is currently listed at the Acer Taiwan store for $12,900 NTD which equals $404 US.

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Considering that the Intel Arc A770 16 GB Limited Edition graphics card costs $349 US, Acer is charging a $55 US premium but we have to consider the Taiwanese taxes which should mean that the pricing is more realistically $25-$30 US higher than the reference model in which case, this is pretty good but it also ends up matching the RTX 3060 Ti and RX 6700 XT prices which are better in performance.

Interestingly, it looks like retailers are offering the card at a much lower price of $313 US or NTD $9900. That's $91 US cheaper than Acer's own official pricing in Taiwan. If that is indeed the case, then the A770 Predator BiFrost 16 GB is well worth the price.

The graphics card is currently in stock & what makes this model special is that it is the only custom variant of the Arc A770 that is listed with 16GB of GDDR6 memory. The models from ASRock and GUNNIR are currently listed with 8 GB of memory so this makes the Acer BiFrost and Intel Limited Edition the only Arc A770 variants to get the full 16 GB frame buffer. The main features of the card include:

  • AI-Enhanced Upscaling with Xe Super Sampling
  • DirectX 12 Ultimate
  • PCI Express 4.0
  • 16GB GDDR6 Memory
  • OC Boost Clock: Up to 2400 MHz
  • Graphics Clock: 2200 MHz
  • TDP : 250W (OC to 280W)
  • Recommended PSU: 650W
  • PCI-E power: PCIe 8+8
  • 267x117.75mm / 2 Slots
  • HDMI 2.1 x1 + DP 2.0 x3

The Acer Intel Arc A770 Predator BiForst is also a very unique design. It features a non-reference PCB that offers up to 2.4 GHz factory overclocks and also comes with a much higher standard and OC TDP out of the box. The standard TDP is rated at 250W (+25W higher than the reference) while the OC TDP is rated at 280W (+55W higher than the reference). The graphics card is powered by a dual 8-pin connector configuration and has a 650W PSU recommendation.


As for the design itself, the Acer Intel Arc A770 Predator BiFrost comes with a 2-slot design and it measures 267x117.75mm. We can see a glimpse of the aluminum-fin heatsink and at least four massive heat pipes stretching out through the back. The heatsink includes a Vapir Chamber that showcases its premium design quality. The most interesting aspect of the card is its front shroud.

The card comes with two fans, one of which uses a standard approach (Frostblade 2.0) & uses a flow-through approach that vents air out of the back since there's no PCB underneath it and there's also a second fan that kind of looks like a blower design.

The second fan (5th Gen Aeroblade 3D) sits directly over the GPU and will dissipate heat much faster than the axial fan but blower fans are a bit noisy. So it will be interesting to see how ACER manages the noise levels on this card. But despite that, the card looks really impressive with its stylish design and the use of RGB elements on the fans and the sides of the shroud.

News Source: Videocardz

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