A Wonderful New Addition To Wccftech – Videos Page

Keith May

As time marches on so do changes. In the past, we've changed the way the site looks and operates, and with that comes new additions. One of the biggest additions over recent history has been our foray into financial discussions and that warranted its own Finance tab and now we've added in a direct source to our video production side of delivering content.

With our WccftechTV YouTube channel having grown to over 50K subscribers and recent shifts into strictly produced content there we've felt the growing need to have a place here on the Wccftech website to allow for easy filtering and finding of the videos for our audience. There you'll be able to interact just like a normal article where you can choose to watch the video directly through here and have a conversation below in the Disqus section like you're all so very used to. Or, you can follow the video over to our channel and subscribe and comment there if you so choose.

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We know that many people who frequent our site like to have their discussions here and don't care to travel all over the internet for our content. So we hope that this change will be beneficial to our audience and give them the flexibility to enjoy the content they want in a way that makes them feel most comfortable.

As I head out on this one I want to take a moment to thank our audience here and over on YouTube for allowing us to grow this channel and now offer a new take on our delivery. If you're wondering what content you'll find there it's quite straightforward. I, Keith, will be shifting my primary focus to video formats for my reviews and performance evaluations where I can have more of a discussion based around each game that I handle performance evaluations from and deliver the biggest news bits in video format. suggestions from our audience are almost always taken into consideration. So, if you're into video content head on over and I'll see you there on the video side.

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