Instagram Will Start Testing a Powerful and Intuitive Content Filtering Tool

Instagram Will Start Testing a Powerful and Intuitive Content Filtering Tool
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We all know about the fact that Instagram has been busy for some time now as the company is testing new features to the platform. While, at the time of writing, there is no way to customize what ends up on your feed, that might be changing soon. The company has announced that it is in the process of testing a number of ways that will let users improve the content on the Explore page in the future.

Instagram Will Soon Allow You to Filter Content with Great Ease

Once this feature does roll out, Instagram users will have an option to make sure that their Explore page is only showing the media they want to see and not something else. At the moment, our Explore page is a culmination of the type of posts that we engage with most commonly. However, in between that, you end up seeing some posts that have absolutely nothing in common with what you actually look at.

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You can look at the image below, and that will give you an idea.

The new test will let users refine their feed further and hopefully, have recommended content delivered that is actually in line with what users are interested in. Users will also be able to refine their feed by selecting the content they are not interested in and marking it as "Not Interested."

While this certainly is a great solution, sometimes, it can go ahead and make it slower for a lot of people. The new test is going to allow you to mark multiple items all at once, and it will make things a lot faster for everyone, which is a good thing. It is worth noting that the feature is not available for everyone, and there is a chance that Instagram might go ahead and change things altogether, but we do need a new filtering feature.

Needless to say, the feature is definitely something that is good, but we are not sure when it will start coming out to everyone. You can read more about it here.

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