Start Learning, Coding and Creating Projects with the Complete Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit

Raspberry Pi 3 starter kit

The Raspberry Pi 3 is a device that has almost limitless possibilities. Whatever your heart or imagination desires, you can do with the Raspberry Pi 3 starter kit. Wccftech Deals offers a 55% discount on the Complete Raspberry Pi 3 starter kit. With this kit,  you can get started with the help of some fantastic courses to teach you how to do virtually anything with your mini computer.

With a 55% discount, you only have to spend $119.99 that gets you the super powerful and compact computer and some courses to get started.

Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit with 21 hours of training

Raspberry Pi is a compact computer developed by leading computer science educators to help people of all ages explore computing and learn how to program. Simply plug it into a monitor or TV, attach a mouse and keyboard, and you may use it like a standard desktop computer. Or, as you become more proficient, use Raspberry Pi 3 to build projects from music makers to weather stations all from a central hub.

Feeling overwhelmed with all the tech-talk? Don't worry as you will also get a Quick Starter kit along with your Raspberry Pi 3 to help you organize and install all the essential peripherals to get your Raspberry Pi up to the optimal speed in no time at all.

What's included in Raspberry Pi 3 starter kit

Along with getting the Raspberry Pi 3 computer, you will also get the following in this starter kit:

  1. Quick Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
  2. Raspberry Pi & The Internet of Things
  3. Wireless Penetration Testing with Kali Linux & Raspberry Pi
  4. Cluster Pi: Build a Raspberry Pi Beowulf Cluster
  5. Raspberry Pi Essentials & Extras
  6. PiBot: Build Your Own Raspberry Pi Powered Robot
  7. Raspberry Pi: Full Stack

Original value: $271.95 | Wccftech Deals: $119.99 at 55% discount

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