4K DOOM Eternal Ray Tracing Mod In The Works; Improves Details and Adds New Realistic Reflections, Sharper Textures and Better Sense of Depth

DOOM Eternal ray tracing mod 4k

DOOM Eternal currently doesn’t support ray tracing, but an ambitious modder is working on his own DOOM Eternal Ray Tracing Mod.

Earlier this month, we already covered Carmack's Eternal ReShade that enhances Eternal’s visuals with improved colors and visual effects. In comes another impressive-looking modification using Pascal Glicher’s RayTraced Global Illumination Shaders.

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Being created by modder ‘MassiHancer’, this upcoming new DOOM Eternal mod shows how the game could look through a future ray tracing patch for the title which id Software might very well release later on. The mod improves details, adds new realistic reflections, sharper textures, and a better sense of depth.

In addition, Massicuro has added high-quality color grading and several other filmic effects that give the game a more photorealistic touch.

We’ve included a comparison video showing off DOOM Eternal with and without the mod enabled. Please note that this modification is still a work in progress. The results, however, already look stunning.

AD Massicuro used the following high-end hardware setup for this comparison:

  • Mainboard: Asus Prime A z370
  • CPU:             Intel i7 8700K
  • RAM:            Corsair Vengeance 16 Gb RAM
  • GPU:             Zotac Rtx 2080 TI AMP edition 11 GB
  • SSD:             Crucial mx500 500GB
  • HDD:             W.D. 1 TB
  • AIO WC:       Artic freezer 240
  • Supply:         EVGA Supernova G2 850 Watt

DOOM Eternal is available now for PC and consoles. We will keep you updated as soon as more info comes on this ambitious ray tracing mod.  Our very own Chris Wray reviewed id Software's latest DOOM installment and gave it an 8.5. A part of his review has been included below.

This doesn't stop me from loving almost every second of the combat. Almost being the key word in that sentence. Doom Eternal can be pretty overwhelming at times, with almost too many weapons with multiple secondary attacks to use and work through. This is especially true when you also take into account the fact that these weapons have multiple customisation options and each of these has a challenge to complete, letting you achieve mastery of the weapon.

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