4A Games Shares Lots of New Info on Metro Exodus Monsters, Factions and More

Alessio Palumbo

Now that E3 2018 is over, 4A Games updated the official Metro Exodus website with a ton of information on the game's lore (mostly with regards to the monsters, factions, and hazards).

Metro Exodus is out February 22nd, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.




The post-apocalyptic society of the Moscow Metro is formed from a collection of independent stations and powerful Factions. After years of bloody civil war between the fascists of Reich and communists of Redline, Hanza are now the dominant group. They have remained a relatively benign presence, promoting commerce and social freedoms, and are natural allies of the elite Spartan Order, who still strive to maintain peace in the Metro...



Everywhere on the surface of Moscow is cloaked in a veil of dangerous radiation. To breath in this environment, Artyom and the Rangers must wear gas masks at all times on the surface. The Spartan Order had believed that outside of Moscow was just as uninhabitable, until now…





Many closed communities have evolved in the wasteland, but few are stranger than the fanatics near the Volga river. Believing all technology has been man’s folly, and only its rejection will bring them salvation, these fanatics, under the watchful eye of their sinister and oddly charismatic leader Silantius, have taken to worshipping a great and powerful beast that lurks beneath the water…


When there is no hope of ever returning to normal life, it is no surprise that gangs of bandits have sprung up across the wasteland. Ferocious and merciless, those that have cultivated on the banks of Volga river have seemed to have reached a peace between themselves, and have focussed their attention on terrifying the locals, and robbing them of anything and everything of value.



A buzzing blue ball of electric energy, anomalies are an oddity of the post-apocalyptic world. Extremely dangerous to any within a certain radius, these strangely alluring spheres can appear in day or night, but tend to follow a similar path every time.

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