343’s Frank O’Connor: “Plenty of chance that Halo 5 could appear on the PC”


Frank O'Connor, Development Director for the Halo franchise at 343 Industries, speaking during a Halo 5 live stream on GamesRadar's Twitch channel, answered a question from a fan regarding the chances of Halo 5: Guardians coming to the PC.

There's plenty of chance that Halo 5 could appear on the PC

O'Connor explains:

“You know, Microsoft has made a huge commitment trying sort of… I think normalize the Windows experience across multiple platforms. You see the elements of Windows 10 are going to appear in Xbox and Cortana and stuff like that. There is plenty of chance that Halo 5 could appear on the PC. Nothing to announce at this point… you know, we developed the game on an Intel platform. It wouldn’t be the hardest thing in the world to move it to PC and take advantage of PC stuff. But nothing I announce today on this chat.”

You can check out O'Connor's response below at 1:13.

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Microsoft has recently committed to bringing more titles to Windows 10, and with Fable Legends, Killer Instinct, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition and Sea of Thieves on the way, things are starting to look good. The PC community though, is desperately looking forward to Microsoft's and Xbox's two major franchises, Halo and Forza Motorsport. While seeing Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC would be quite possible in the near future, Halo 5: Guardians, could take a little bit more time to arrive. Thankfully O'Connor's statement feels a little encouraging.

We will bring you any news on Halo 5: Guardians, as well as its potential PC release as soon as it becomes available.