33 Authentic Google Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL Renders Show Dual Front Cameras On Both, 7.9mm Thickness


Looks like our wait for leaks related to Google's 2018 Pixel lineup is finally paying off. For the second half of this year, Apple, Samsung and Moutain View will provide users with their latest products for the flagship smartphone industry. However, while leaks for the Apple iPhone 9, iPhone X(s), iPhone X(s) Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 are common, things are relatively quiet for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

This changes today as we've got a major leak for the upcoming smartphone lineup today. With leaks, it's the quality that matters not the quantity and you can be assured of both today. We've got no less than 33 Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL renders today courtesy of the legendary Steve Hemmerstoffer of the French publication NWE. Take a look below for more details.

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Today's leak clarifies a lot of details for. the Google Pixel 3 and GooglePixel 3 XL. There's a good chance that Google will introduce 3D facial recognition with the devices, although no leaks directly related to the feature on the lineup have come our way so far. Nevertheless, today's renders, especially for the Pixel 3 feature a very, very important detail.

When you'll take a close look at the images above, you'll see that a front dual camera setup is present also at the front of the Google Pixel 3. Previously, the feature had surfaced only on the larger Pixel 3 XL, leading to speculation that only one Pixel will feature 3D facial mapping in 2018. However, if the second sensor is indeed a camera, then expect Google to work its magic with 3D facial recognition on the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL.

However, this begs the question of how exactly will Google achieve this feat, were it to head in the direction. After all, depth mapping and binocular disparity should be very hard to achieve using only cameras, but maybe Google will find a software workaround. Finally, the Pixel 3 appears to have changed little over its predecessor form wise, but the device sports some very thick top and bottom bezels, which appear outdated for a 2018 gadget.

The Google Pixel 3 Will Measure 145.6 x 68.2 x 7.9mm While The Pixel 3 XL Will Stand At 158 x 76.6 x 7.9mm As Google Looks To Keep Dimensions Nearly Similar To Last Year's Pixel 2 And Pixel 2 XL

Along with the renders, we're also provided some design details for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. According to these, the former will measure 145.6x68.2x7.9mm while the latter will have 158x76.6x7.9mm. This is an interesting detail when you consider the Pixel 2 (145.7 x 69.7 x 7.8 mm) and Pixel 2 XL (157.9 x 76.7 x 7.9 mm)'s measurements. Not only will Google keep thickness exactly the same with the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, it won't change their height or width either.

The larger displays will be accommodated via a bezel reduction, but we're not sure how this will be achieved on the Pixel 3, even as the device appears to have thinner bezels when compared to its predecessor. Both the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will feature a single rear camera and a USB-C port with a SIM tray at the bottom. Rear panels for the pair appear similar to last year's Pixels but Google demonstrates a rather nice finish for the Pixel 3's power button.

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These Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL demonstrate Google's slow adoption to hardware design. While Mountain View shines in software, it's still learning the ropes with hardware. Thick bezels and unimaginative form factors for both the device show a clear dearth of aesthetics at Google. If the company want to stand shoulder to shoulder with either Apple or Samsung, it needs to step up its aesthetics. Things move fast in the flagship smartphone industry and Google needs to adopt fast or users just might lose interest.

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News Source: MSP