New NFL Social Media Rules State That Teams Could Face Huge Fines For Posting GIFs And Videos Online


Social media over the years has progressed rapidly and sharing news, celebrity gossip etc has never been easier but it looks like not everybody is happy about the ease with which things are available online. According to ESPN, the National Football League (NFL) has released some new social media guidelines for teams. These guidelines prohibit the use of live streaming, sharing GIFs etc. NFL believes that by implementing these rules it will ensure that people go through the official NFL website for video content and further details. Any team that posts GIFs or any unauthorized video content will be at the risk of facing huge fines.


ESPN and Mashable were able to obtain a couple of memos that outlined these new rules. According to what these two sources tell us, the team will not be able to post any live coverage or post any video from within the stadium to social media. Live streams from services like Facebook and Periscope are also prohibited. According to Mashable, this prohibition commences at kickoff and continues till an hour after the game has ended. Well this seems pretty harsh since almost every one nowadays is addicted to posting updates online including the players.

The rules just don’t stop here. Apparently the players aren’t allowed to post their own highlights from the game and cannot make videos or make these videos into GIFs. The league has been very serious when they wrote down the rules. According to Mashable, the League made it pretty clear that anything that ‘moves’ will be considered as a video. Well the League made sure that no loopholes existed when it was debating on the new set of rules. Any violators will be charged with steep fines.

Such dire consequences

The first offense is charged a $25,000 fine the second offense will result in a $50,000 fine and these fines can go up to $100,000 for additional infractions. Mashable reported that any additional violations may lead to the team’s “loss of right to post League-Controlled Content (including game footage)." According to SB Nation, the fines can be even higher than the ones imposed on players for illegal hits. The policy will be implemented on the 12th of October. Does this mean that we will be losing all the GIFs that we enjoy so much and the minute by minute updates by the players in the future? Let’s wait and see what happens.