2022 iPhone SE is Dual SIM but Features no Dual eSIM Support


You can finally use two phone numbers with the iPhone SE since it is dual-SIM capable with a nano + eSIM combo.

2022 iPhone SE Adds Dual SIM Support with nano SIM and eSIM Combo, Unfortunately no Dual eSIM Support

Apple finally brings dual-SIM support to the iPhone SE. It allows you to use two phone numbers at the same time or use separate lines for calls, text and data. This is a huge convenience and Apple is doing this with a combination of nano SIM and eSIM.

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While this is great and all, the iPhone SE does not support dual eSIM. You must use a physical SIM card and eSIM in order to get two lines up and running. If you were hoping to use two eSIM lines on this iPhone, then you can't do it. But, you have this capability with the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro.

We don't mind the lack of dual eSIM support here at all. Given how cheap the iPhone SE is, and packs Apple's best-ever iPhone chip under the hood, we'll take dual SIM support, no matter how it is, at face value. Ultimately, we're certain dual eSIM support will make the cut, too.

There are more things we are learning about the new iPhone SE as time goes by, including the fact that it does not include MagSafe or faster wireless charging. We will keep informing our readers of everything that is new and noteworthy here, so stay tuned.

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