2020 27-inch iMac Has Non-Upgradable SSD Modules That Are Soldered to the Motherboard


Apple’s MacBook line has been the subject of controversy by not allowing users to freely upgrade the storage. Unfortunately, it looks like Apple is sticking to the same approach with its 2020 27-inch iMac as this model doesn’t provide upgradeable storage for users either.

Internally Published Technical Information States the 2020 27-inch iMac Has Soldered SSD Modules

A German website by the name iFun refers to the internally published info, claiming that the 2020 27-inch iMac has SSD modules that are soldered directly to the motherboard. This means that swapping them out and replacing them is next to impossible. Thankfully the 2020 iMac does allow users to upgrade their existing RAM very easily so it’s not like Apple took everything from customers.

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However, if you’re a baller and want to upgrade your system to a whopping 8TB of PCIe SSD storage, then it’s going to cost you. Upping the existing 512GB of storage to 8TB of it is going to set you back by $2,400, making the upgrade costlier than a brand new 2020 27-inch iMac from the Apple Store. If you want swappable storage, then customers will have to spend a little more money and purchase the Mac Pro.

Using the existing PCIe slots, users can add more storage to their existing configuration, if they are able to fathom the cost of adding tons of storage to the Mac Pro. Sadly, not being able to do the same on the 2020 iMac may also provide some foreshadowing that perhaps the ARM-based iMac might not give users the same opportunity either. It’s rumored that the first crop of ARM-based iMacs will arrive in Q2, 2021, and apart from a redesigned chassis, the custom Apple Silicon is something that a lot of us will be looking forward to.

However, existing and future customers should probably get used to the fact that upgrading storage on their newest iMac machines isn’t going to be possible any longer.

News Source: iFun