2013 New MacBook Air Models Announced At WWDC 2013

Jun 10, 2013 23:41 EDT

overview_gallery_performMoment ago Apple announced the 2013 new MacBook Air models at WWDC 2013. We had consistently been hearing that the company indeed would be announcing a new lineup of this popular laptop, and it certainly has. The rumors have turned out to be true, actually for quite a number of things. These new MacBook Air models tout Intel Haswell processors and Apple claims that they will offer an all day battery life.

The fact is that Haswell processors are extremely power efficient, so we don't think that claims of 11 inch MacBook Air offering 9 hours and 13 inch MacBook Air offering 12 hours of battery life are far-fetched. Apple says that the batteries are good for 10 hours of continuous iTunes movie playback, which is certainly a good thing.

The design of 2013 new MacBook air has not been changed at all. It is still touting the tear-drop shaped design that the MacBook Air first came out with. All improvements that have been made lie under the hood. The 11 inch 128GB flash storage model comes with a price tag of $999. The 13 inch with same amount of flash storage will set you back $1099. The 2013 new MacBook Air models start shipping from today.