16-inch MacBook Pro Problems Such as ‘Sound Popping’, Clicking & More Reported by Users; Simple Software Fix or Hardware Defect?


Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro problems certainly don’t involve vulnerable butterfly keyboard switches or overheating as they did on previous-generation models. Instead, it’s a recurring problem that has afflicted Apple’s notebooks before too. Here’s what owners have to say about the latest string of issues plaguing the new 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Apple Currently Hasn’t Responded to These 16-inch MacBook Pro Problems, Though People Close to the Matter State That the Company Is Aware of Them

According to evidence obtained by AppleInsider as well as users reporting about it on MacRumors forums, there are currently two 16-inch MacBook Pro problems being faced. One of them is hearing consistent popping or clicking sounds from the speaker system. The other one is also related to audio and is similar to the clipping noise you get when sound peaks a little too high on the speaker system. One user called StONE_ROdGEr over at MacRumors has highlighted the following problem, to provide a little more clarity to the matter.

Developer Makes Use of the MacBook Pro Notch to AirDrop Files

“Hi all,

Received my 16" yesterday. After some playing around last night and today I've noticed a potential issue I'd like to compare. When using the launch pad and moving between apps, the display seems to have ghosting - its not smoothly transitioning between each page of apps. Ive noticed the same thing for stuff like text when scrolling, its blurry until you stop still. Has anyone else noticed this at all?

I'm using the 16" MBP as is.

I do have a 165hz monitor that I am used to, however I use an older 15" 2012 at work and this doesn't display the same thing I've noticed here :/


The second issue surrounding the 16-inch MacBook Pro is display ghosting. Apparently, even after paying a premium for Apple’s latest and greatest portable Mac, users are complaining about a slow response time from the screen, resulting in what’s known as a ‘ghosting’ effect when scrolling through text. Some users aren’t too bothered about these 16-inch MacBook Pro problems, while others are returning their purchased units and exchanging them for new ones.

“Yeah it's pretty bad. I already exchanged one that was worse than the new one I got. Compared my first one to the display model at the apple store side by side, it was a noticeable difference.

Between the screen, bridge os errors, crackling speakers, and coil whine it's pretty disappointing. But at the same time there is so much to like about this laptop that I'm leaning towards keeping it and living with the issues.”

Apple is reportedly aware of these 16-inch MacBook Pro problems, but we’ve yet to hear a statement from their side. We’ve issued a query from our side to see if the company has any noteworthy statement to produce. Until then, we’ll just say that if the issue is bothering you a little too much, head over to the nearest Apple Store outlet and get your portable Mac replaced.