Four new mobile variants of Nvidia’s upcoming mobile Geforce chips based on the Next Generation 28nm Kepler Core have been leaked in the Geforce 285.62 Drivers.


Intel has announced its upcoming Extreme Series motherboard for the Sandy Bridge-E Platform which launches on November 14th. The X79 Chipset based DX79SI Motherboard would fall in Intel’s Extreme Series motherboard lineup which offers great performance to gamers and enthusiast overclockers who can push their rigs beyond the extreme limit.


Intel has officially confirmed that its High End Sandy Bridge-E Platform would launch on November 14, 2011 (12:01 Noon Pacific Time).


Google has started to revamp its services, bestowing a better Google+ oriented layout and user interface. Yesterday Google updated Google Reader and today the new look for Google Mail is available for all. You can switch to the new look today which will be forced in the coming weeks so it’s better to start adapting to the new design from today.

Intel Core i7 975

Several Online retailers have started listing Intel’s Upcoming Sandy Bridge-E Processors which are now available for Pre-Orders along with X79 (LGA 2011) based Motherboards which have also started appearing for Pre-Orders. The Sandy Bridge-E Processors available include the three models listed below:


Taiwan based motherboard manufacturer AsRock has revealed its upcoming X79 based Motherboard lineup which would support Intel’s Upcoming Sandy Bridge-E Processors. The lineup consists of four motherboard, The Flagship AsRock X79 Extreme9, X79 Extreme7, Extreme 4 and the Micro ATX AsRock Extreme 4-M Pro.


With Google officially declaring 1280×720 to be the native resolution for Ice Cream Sandwich, it is only a matter of time when we’ll start seeing phones from HTC, Samsung and other companies supporting 720p screens. Fortunately for HTC fans, the wait might not be so long. In November we might see HTC Introduce its first 720p resolution Android smartphone. The phone in question is the HTC Rezound, or HTC Vigor, although rumor has it that the final name will in fact be Rezound. Along with a screen that equates into 342PPI (4.3″ LCD) the Rezound has a couple of more tricks up its sleeve.


If you reside in the UK and happen to own a HTC Desire S, then you might in line to get a pretty major update. According to reports by users, the Desire S is getting an OTA update that bumps the Android version to 2.3.5 and SenseUI from 2.1 to 3.0. This means you get GTalk video plus a variety of bug fixes. As for Sense 3.0, this is the same interface you see in higher end phones from HTC like the Sensation and Evo 3D. You get the fancy lock screen and 3D effects on the home screen and widgets.

Siri logo

Want an iPhone 4S? Why? Majority of the people would say in order to enjoy the exclusive voice control feature, Siri. But is it mandatory to get an iPhone 4S for that? Well until yesterday, yes, you definitely required an iPhone 4S as Siri is not available on other iDevices but things have turned around now. The hacking community has successfully ported Siri to iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G with full functionality and successful connections to the Apple servers.


Battlefield 3 has already hit the shelves while the world is yet to see the official launch of Modern Warfare 3 on 8th November 2011 but something interesting has happened. Someone has got his or her hand on the retail copy of the game on PS3 already and has posted a video showing off the menu and unboxing of the game disc but it has been removed by Activision unsurprisingly. But we have got the screen shots for you after the break.


The Xbox Dashboard update is imminent and still we didn’t see any official detail from Microsoft until yesterday when they demoed the new Xbox dashboard along with Windows Phone companion device which is compatible with the new dashboard at Nokia World, showing off the new design and the perfect UI of the upcoming update.


Chinese Hardware Manufacturer “Colorful” has unveiled its most powerful PCB yet which makes use of the GF-114 based GTX 560Ti Graphics Processing Unit. The card is most likely to be called the Colorful GTX 560 Ti iGame which makes use of High Grade Power Components along with a beastly PCB design which is as long as the GF-110 based Graphic Cards.


N9 is a fantastic phone all around, there is no doubt about that. However Nokia did shoot its customers in the heart by effectively killing off the device before it even had a chance to make a name for it self. And even though it is on sale, doubts about Nokia’s commitment to the device were lingering. However, amongst all the Windows Phone news during the Nokia World yesterday, there was one small bit about the N9 that I’m sure Meego lovers would feel pleased in hearing.


Too disappointed to see comparatively slower leaked Nokia Lumia 710 and 800 with respect to modern day mobiles? Well here’s something good. Minutes earlier the specifications of Nokia 900 codenamed Ace were also revealed and this one will surely tip you off with its splendid specifications.


A big day is coming ahead which will mark the dawning of the sun which has lost its shine over the past years. That’s right folks! Tomorrow is the Nokia World Conference at which we’ll be seeing the once mobile leading company announce a series of new devices which will mark the ‘comeback’ of the Finnish giants. Winrumors has already revealed that tomorrow we’ll be seeing Nokia Lumia 710 and Nokia 800 debuted as there images and specs have been leaked, given after the break.

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