Star Wars Battlefront
ExclusiveGaming 9 months ago

[Updated: SLI Profile] WCCFtech Star Wars Battlefront Performance Analysis

The Star Wars Battlefront open beta is well underway and the servers are very full, attesting to the popularity of the f…
iOS 9
Software 9 months ago

iOS 9 users, Wi-Fi Calling Is Now Available, But There Is A Catch

If you happen to be a user who has successfully updated their mobile products to Apple’s iOS 9 update, then you will b…
ARK Survival Evolved1 (10)
Gaming 9 months ago

No ETA On ARK DX12 Update, Says Dev

Last month, we informed you that the highly anticipated ARK DX12 update was about to be released. That’s what deve…
How Expensive Is The Highest Configured Model Of Surface Pro 4? You Do Not Want To Know
Mobile 9 months ago

How Expensive Is The Highest Configured Model Of Surface Pro 4? You Do Not Want To Know

After the official announcement of Surface Pro 4, Microsoft stated that the starting price of the 12.3 inch tablet was g…
Facebook Reactions
MobileWeb 9 months ago

Facebook Announces ‘Reactions,’ A Six Emoji Extension For The Like Button &#…

Facebook has today taken the wraps off a new feature which the company is calling ‘Reactions.’ The feature …
Skype Is Compensating Users Over Service Outage Taking Place Last Month
Software 9 months ago

Skype Is Compensating Users Over Service Outage Taking Place Last Month

Last month, popular VoIP service Skype went through a service breakdown which prevented users from logging into the appl…
Fallout 4
Gaming 9 months ago

Fallout 4 Size And Recommended Specs Released – Only ~30GB, 290X or 780 Recommende…

Bethesda has released their recommended and minimum specs that’ll be needed to run Fallout 4. 8GB of RAM is both m…
Just Cause 3
Gaming 9 months ago

Just Cause 3’s Sandbox Destruction Shown Off in 4 More Minutes of Gameplay

Just Cause 3 has another 4 minutes of gameplay revealed in a new trailer that was released at New York Comic Con. Inside…
IndustryMobile 9 months ago

Apple Files Patent For iPhone, Shows New Inductive Charging Technology

You know it’s time to upgrade when the rival competitor has introduced new technology in the market.  A new paten…
IndustryMobile 9 months ago

Samsung’s Mobile Payment Partner LoopPay Hacked With Breach Undetected For Months

As our gadgets advance, so do their capabilities and features with smartphones become an integral part of your everyday …
iPhone 6s Plus Confirmed To Have Smaller Battery But By How Much?
Mobile 9 months ago

TSMC Or Samsung A9? Find Out Which Chip Your iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus Has

Here’s how you can find out which chip your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus has – A9 from Samsung or TSMC. With …
Mobile 9 months ago

Xiaomi Mi5 Pricing Details Surface – Flagship Specifications At Pocket Easy Cost?

Heralded at a time as China’s ‘Apple’, Xiaomi managed to gain quite a following after the launch of th…
Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 6.47.14 PM
MobileSoftware 9 months ago

Adobe Lightroom App For iPhone, iPad Now Absolutely Free To Use – Download Links

Adobe Lightroom apps for iPhone and iPad both are now absolutely free to download and use. You can grab both of them rig…
Mobile 9 months ago

Synaptics’ Clear Force Might Bring Display Tech Similar To 3D Touch On Android Soo…

As we here at Wccftech like to constantly remind you, smartphones and hardware in general is moving at an increasingly f…
Deus Ex (1)
Gaming 9 months ago

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Gorgeous Fresh Gameplay Showcases What’s New

Outsidexbox released a new video for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, which showcases some gorgeous brand new PS4 footage, and …
Gaming 9 months ago

Guerrilla Releases Amazing Horizon: Zero Dawn Wallpapers For Your Devices

Dutch developer Guerrilla Games has released a set of Horizon: Zero Dawn wallpapers to spice up your desktop or smart de…
Gaming 9 months ago

theHunter, Advanced Hunting Simulator, Gets a Subarctic Expansion

One of the most advanced hunting simulators, that has also spawned it’s own dinosaur survival game, is being upda…
witcher (1)
Gaming 9 months ago

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Patch 1.10 Massive Changelog Revealed

CD Projekt RED have been teasing that the next update for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was going to be big, and it seems tha…






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