Talking Tom Cat for iPad
GadgetsSoftware 3 years ago

Talking Tomcat now available on Windows Phone

There are a lot of mainstream apps that are not yet available on Windows Phone. And while I cringe at the thought of thi...
Hardware 3 years ago

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660Ti Arrives in Late Q3 2012

It has been revealed by Andrew Gibson aka Gibbo (OCUK Owner/Manager) that NVIDIA won’t be launching the Mid-Range...
HardwareIndustry 3 years ago

MSI Officially Announces the R7870 HAWK Graphics Card

Leading international graphics card and mainboard maker MSI today announced MSI R7870 Hawk, equipped with AMD’s 28...
Hardware 3 years ago

MSI GeForce GTX 670 OC Edition Spotted in the Wild

MSI’s upcoming GeForce GTX 670 OC edition has been exposed through an Malaysian based retailer. The GeForce  GTX ...
Games 3 years ago

UEFA Euro 2012 Review: Is it worth buying?

With Euro 2012 only a matter of weeks away and football fans throughout the globe eagerly awaiting the tournament in Ukr...
Games 3 years ago

God of War: Ascension Brings in 4 Player Multiplayer; Plenty of Blood and Gore include...

God of War: Ascension is the story of Kratos as a Mortal before offering his soul to Ares in exchange of immortal power,...
Games 3 years ago

IGN Hinting at Possible News on a New Half-Life Game?

Half-Life 3 is a relatively touchy subject on the internet especially to the fans of the series, some argue that the ser...
Games 3 years ago

Evil Returns As Diablo 3 Approaches

Diablo 3 is Blizzards biggest and longest tease yet to gamers after Starcraft: Ghost. After years of rumors and speculat...
GadgetsIndustry 3 years ago

The Wait for Samsung Galaxy S3 is Just About Over ! [IMAGE]

Fellow Android fans, those sleepless nights, tossing and turning in the bed thinking about the best Android smartphone e...
GadgetsSoftware 3 years ago

Nokia N9 rumored to get PR1.3 update in May

Nokia N9 might have been abandoned by its maker but the phone is now rumored to receive its third update, PR1.3, before ...
Hardware 3 years ago

MSI Z77A-GD80 Motherboard Gets Detailed

At the time of the CeBIT conference, MSI had previewed its Z77 chipset based Z77A-GD80 motherboard that featured Intel...
MSI Military Class III
HardwareIndustry 3 years ago

MSI Z77 Series Mainboard: Leading the Global march towards 7GHz

The Z77 series mainboard released by MSI is equipped with Military Class III components, and has met 7 rigorous testing ...
Intel Core Ivy Bridge
Hardware 3 years ago

Intel Ivy Bridge Processors Now Available for Sale

Announced last week, The Intel 3rd generation Ivy Bridge processors are now available for sale through several retail ch...
Hardware 3 years ago

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 Official – The Dual GK104 Monster, Combines World’s...

NVIDIA today announced the GeForce® GTX 690, the world’s fastest consumer graphics card — with a bold indu...






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