Hardware 3 years ago

Nvidia Officially Launches The GeForce GTX 680M Graphics Card

Nvidia has finally launched the mobile flagship GPU of its Kepler series, the GeForce GTX 680M. Coupled with 1344 CUDA c...
GamesIndustry 3 years ago

Day 2 of E3 Livestream Text Coverage; Nintendo and Their Wii-U to Steal The Show

E3 is nearly upon us and it seems like yesterday went by in a second when Microsoft, EA, Sony and Ubisoft all unveiled t...
Hardware 3 years ago

EVGA Showcases GTX 680 2Win Graphics Card At Computex

EVGA started its 2Win edition graphics card with the GTX 460 2Win that featured dual GF104 GPUs on a single board. This ...
Games 3 years ago

Lost Planet 3 Looks Like Dead Space With A Different Kind of Suit

While the first two Lost Planet games always fell short when it came to their story it seems that the latest game will h...
Games 3 years ago

Dante Brings Some Blood to the Dance Floor in The Latest Devil May Cry Trailer

Whether you hate him or you love him Dante is coming back with a new look which fans are having mixed feelings about rig...
Games 3 years ago

Star Wars: 1313 Looks Like Uncharted in Space With Blasters And Spaceships

Star Wars: 1313 was officially confirmed at E3 last night and not only was it confirmed but fresh gameplay footage was s...
Hardware 3 years ago

Sparkle To Showcase GTX680/670 Calibre With New Cooler At Computex

Sparkle, a manufacturer of graphics cards and PC hardware cooling solutions will today be showcasing tree new products a...
Hardware 3 years ago

MSI Showcasing Big Bang Z77 MPower & X79 MPower At Computex

If you were an avid reader at WCCFTech, you might have known that we mentioned a new MSI motherboard coming up under the...
Hardware 3 years ago

ASUS HD 7970 Matrix Being Showcased At Computex 2012

The last we had heard about ASUS MARS was with the GTX 580 Matrix. This time however, ASUS has quietly come up with the ...
Hardware 3 years ago

ASUS ROG Maximus & V Extreme Being Showcased At Computex

Who doesn’t love anything that has ROG all over it? With Computex just hours away from its start, the average pc enthu...
Hardware 3 years ago

MSI Announces GeForce GTX 670 Power Edition Graphics Card

MSI, a well known manufacturer of graphics cards and motherboards has just announced the availability of the GTX 670 Pow...
HardwareIndustry 3 years ago

Gigabyte Showcases First Ever FM2 Socket Motherboards

Today, Gigabyte had shown its first ever AMD FM2 socket motherboards to soon hit the market that were based on either th...
Hardware 3 years ago

Kingston Announces HyperX T1 Series Dual Channel Memory Kit

Kingston, the world’s largest leading manufacturer of memory products has announced the availability of a new addi...
Hardware 3 years ago

Nvidia’s GeForce GT 640 GK107 Based GPU Starts Reaching Retailers

As the NDA from Nvidia nears it’s end, another Kepler based GPU has started to surface across many retailers and s...






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