I am Alive appeared on every gamers radar a few years ago with a simple announcement trailer, but then after breaking the radio silence and finally coming out with some game play videos and trailers fans who were anticipating another game GOT another game instead (Isn’t that always the story?) the latest trailer of I am Alive gives us a tour of the dust clouds on the street levels of the city and how your own survival may not be as important as you think.


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iPhone and iPad have dominated the smartphone industry for quite some time now and has become the epitome of influence for technology. There’s a new game, a utility application and its not on iPhone; very rare. Almost every app is available on iPhone, let it be ported or native, it’s there. Even Apple’s competitors have to roll out a native iPhone app along with one for their OS and Microsoft’s SkyDrive is the perfect example which has been released for iOS and Windows Phone 7 OS, providing 25GB of cloud storage.


It is a growing trend for games to go Free to Play; Star Trek Online, Lord of the Rings online and All Point Bulletin are only the few popular MMO games to name which recently went Free to Play after being pay to play like World of Warcraft. Aion was a very graphic intensive MMORPG which showed a lot of promise and really brought new things to the table, but sadly World of Warcraft is too big to compete against and just like all other MMO’s before them they had to go free to play to increase their player base. Will we ever see the day where World of Warcraft becomes a proper free to play? (What the heck can you possibly do with unlimited Level 20?)


MSI has just announced that it would be launching a new version of its X79A-GD45 Motherboard which would feature 8 DIMM Slots. The new LGA 2011 Socket would be known as X79A-GD45 (8D) which would support Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge-E Processors and upto 128GB of DDR3 Memory.


Advanced Micro Devices said on Tuesday that they have started to ship the Next Generation HD7000 Series GPU’s made using the 28nm fabrication process at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. AMD is expected to officially release the HD7900 Series at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2012.

“We are ramping 28nm [products] with TSMC in Taiwan and shipping the products here and now. We are very excited about the products,” said Rory Read, chief executive officer of AMD, during IT Supply Chain conference organized by Raymond James.



We are all familiar with the Dead Rising franchise, where the story is centric around an American protagonist in an environment full of endless zombies making plans to escape but now Yakuza is taking on Dead Rising in their latest game Yakuza: Dead Souls. The trailer shows us that this is more or less Dead Rising style gameplay but Yakuza style.


An Official AMD Press Slide has been leaked which details specifications of the upcoming Radeon HD7970 Graphic Card. Complete Specifications are listed on the slide along with a picture of the reference design which the HD7970 GPU would feature.


Yesterday I posted a news where Alan Wake’s name showed up in the Steam Registery giving us a hint at a possible PC release, but now the rumors have turned to truth as Remedy has just announced that Alan Wake is indeed headed for the PC, scheduled for an early 2012 release date the game will be packed with both DLC’s and improved features.


Raiden was the protagonist for Metal Gear Solid 2 on the PlayStation 2 and later on had an amazing make over in Metal gear Solid 4 as a total bad ass but Rising will fill us in on the story of how Raiden went from Zero to Hero in 2 games, Rising outlines the after events of Metal Gear Solid 2 and will lead up to the events of Metal Gear Solid 4 (Since 3 was a prequel to the entire Metal Gear Solid series outlining the story of Big Boss) but the change has been taken with a pinch of salt by the fans as Hideo Kojima has pulled a Devil May Cry on Raiden, Find out why in the new trailer.


I have heard that cheaters never prosper but this one takes the cake. In an interesting turn of events a Modern Warfare 3 hacker on the PlayStation 3 has received a hefty ban of 5,000 days and counting with the help of a little maths we can deduce his sentence to last a good 13.70 Years which means he will probably be back to playing the game on the 8th Generation console with Modern Warfare XIII – 2 (or if he just chooses to buy a new PS3 or buy the game on a 360 / PC) otherwise his hacking days on the PS3 are more or less over.

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Yes you heard it right! Skype for Android has been updated to version 2.6 (non-TOM version) with the addition of tons of new features for users.


Kinectimals started off as a console exclusive title for the Kinect; Microsoft’s entry into the motion sensor race along side PlayStation Move, the game later on spread to the Windows Phone 7 app store and let you make the cuteness mobile. But it seems Microsoft wants to share the furry creatures even more by letting them roam on the Apple Appstore for the super low price of ONLY $2.99 which is the same price on the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. Considering the entertainment value and the graphics and those of us who lived through the Giga pet fad this is a great chance for us for some Nostalgia.

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A bloggers event held at the Shareton Hotel Karachi on the 12th of December marked the official launch of Nokia N9 in Pakistan. The exclusive event was attended by bloggers in Karachi as well as from other cities of Pakistan. The phone is available in Black, Cyan and Magenta colors and will be available from all Nokia distributors in Pakistan for the price of 52,000Rs for the 16GB version.

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