AMD FX-8300 Vishera (x86 Piledriver) 8 Core CPU Pictured and Benchmarked

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The guys at Coolaler forums have got themselves an Engineering Sample of AMD’s Upcoming Piledriver FX-8300 series processor which features 8 Cores.

Still in ES phase, The FX-8300 series processor come within a boxed AMD packaging. The 2nd generation FX Vishera processors feature the Piledriver 32nm Architecture which delivers upto 10-15% IPC improvement over FX-Bulldozer.

The FX-Piledriver processor tested featured 124W TDP, 8MB of L3 Cache and core clock of 3.3-3.9GHz (Stock/Turbo Core). The processor was tested on an AM3+ socket motherboard (ASUS Crosshair V Formula) since Piledriver is compatible with 990FX chipset.

Benchmark results are posted below:

3DMark Vantage (CPU-Only):

  • FX-8300 Piledriver @Stock – 18705 CPU Marks

3DMark 06 (CPU-Only):

  • FX-8300 Piledriver @Stock – 4986 CPU Marks

AIDA64 Cache and Memory Benchmark:

  • FX-8300 Piledriver @4.8GHz – 17410/11769/21472 MB/s (Read/Write/Copy)

Winrar Compression:

  • FX-8300 Piledriver @Stock – 5946 KB/s

CineBench R11.5: 

  • FX-8300 Piledriver @Stock – 5.73
Expect the launch of Piledriver in Q4 2012. For more details, Go here.

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