YouTube Premium Lite is the Ad-Free, Cheaper Alternative to YouTube Premium

Furqan Shahid
YouTube Premium Lite is the Ad-Free, Cheaper Alternative to YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is a nice way of making sure that you are getting rid of the ads coming your way. However, paying for something like that is not for everyone, and this is something that even YouTube is aware of. That is why they are currently testing a cheaper Premium variant for the select regions in Europe, and it is called YouTube Premium Lite.

For those wondering, YouTube Premium Lite is currently available in seven nations across the Nordic and Benelux region, and the pricing is just €6.99/month ($8.30). It is actually €5 cheaper than the standard Premium price in the region and is equal to the price of the YouTube Premium plan for students.

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YouTube Premium Lite Brings Premium Features for an Affordable Price but with a Few Caveats

What do you get? Well, you are still getting an ad-free YouTube experience across various devices, apps, and the Kids app at a lower price. However, as the "Lite" in the name suggests, it does curtail many features offered by the standard YouTube Premium. For starters, you are losing the background viewing and downloads, and ad-free YouTube Music is also not available, and you will not be able to download the tracks or play them in the background. Arguably, the price might still be high for those who want something that helps them remove the ads.

Currently, we do not have any word on when the YouTube Premium Lite will be available in other global markets. Still, since Google likes to keep the pricing consistent across the boards, we are speculating that it will cost you $6.99 when it is finally available outside the aforementioned regions and in the U.S.

Will you be subscribing to the Premium Lite program by YouTube, or are you happy with the ads you are getting in the standard YouTube? Let us know.

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