You Can’t Wirelessly Charge Your iPhone 12 With MagSafe Wallet Attached


The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 impressions are out, allowing you to closely see what you're planning to get your hands on. In addition to this, we're also seeing a slim box that only features the USB-C to Lightning cable and no wired EarPods or a power adapter. While it's all in the name of good and protecting the environment, Apple introduced the new MagSafe technology as an alternative method to charge the handset. The magnetic mechanism is quite intriguing and opens a whole new segment for accessory makers to be creative. However, you can't wirelessly charge your iPhone 12 or 12 Pro with a MagSafe wallet attached.

You Have to Take Off the MagSafe Wallet In Order To Use MagSafe Wireless Charging on Your iPhone 12and 12 Pro

While it isn't a surprise, one can always question if you can wirelessly charge your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro while the MagSafe Wallet is attached to the back of your phone. Take note that you can wirelessly charge your new iPhone with the MagSafe charger when the MagSafe case is on. This is the reason why most of you would be interested in knowing if you can charge the device with the MagSafe Wallet.

Apple’s Latest Firmware Update Gives the MagSafe Battery Pack a Boost it Desperately Needed

There are potentially many reasons for this. It could be true that Apple would not want you to charge your iPhone 12 wirelessly with the MagSafe wallet on. In addition to this, the MagSafe Wallet could be thick enough to not let the mechanism work seamlessly. What this means is that while the MagSafe wallet is on, it potentially exceeds the required contact distance between the MagSafe charger and the iPhone 12 which allows for wireless charging. However, take note that the MagSafe charger can be attached to it nonetheless.

iPhone 12 MagSafe Wireless Charging\

Apple could also have forgone the ability to wirelessly charge through the MagSafe wallet because you could potentially place your cards in there and the wireless charging could end up messing with them. Henceforth, if you have the MagSafe Wallet on, you will always have to take it off if you wish to charge your iPhone 12 wirelessly.

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