You Can Share Your Medical ID During an Emergency Call in iOS 13.5


Apple released iOS 13.5 beta 4 yesterday and the company is introducing another health-related feature on iPhone and Apple Watch. According to the findings, Apple will share your Medical ID with emergency services and first responders. If you're running the latest beta build, the Medical ID data will be prompted to you when you open the Health app.

iOS 13.5 Beta 4 Allows You to Share Your Medical ID During Emergency SOS Call

iOS 13.5 will be rolled out to all users in a couple of weeks and as of now, it rests in the beta phase. You might already be familiar with Medical ID as t allows you to stores your important health information in one place. First responders can access their Medical ID on the Lock Screen without the need to unlock the iPhone. On the Apple Watch, the Medical ID can be accessed by pressing the Side button.

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In iOS 13.5 beta 4, Apple is integrating Medical ID with the Emergency SOS feature on the iPhone and Apple Watch. Users can make an Emergency SOS call on the iPhone if you hold down the Side button and Volume down button for a few seconds. On the screen, you will be presented with a Slider to make the call.

iOS 13.5 Medical ID

Furthermore, the feature is also integrated with Apple Watch Series 4 and 5's fall detection. Your medical information will be shared with emergency services which will allow them to help you better. However, the feature is not enabled by default and you will have to turn it on manually. If you're concerned about privacy, Apple notes that all the data is encrypted on your device. In order for the feature to work properly, be sure to enable Location Services.

The feature marks another milestone which makes it easier for health authorities to help you better. Clearly, Apple is ahead of the competition when it comes to offering these features. That's all there is to it, folks. Share your views with us in the comments.