You Can Now Run Windows 11 on Macs Using New Parallels Update

windows 11 on mac

Microsoft introduced us to the next generation of Windows, calling it Windows 11, in June. Since then, the company has released multiple Preview Builds of Windows 11, increasing user interest in its new operating system. Mac users were a bit left behind, but Parallels had assured that the team was working on bringing Windows 11 to Macs.

The company has today released Parallels Desktop 17, which is optimized for Windows 11 and macOS Monterey. With this release, you can now try the previews of Windows 11 on your Macs via the Parallels Desktop.

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Parallels is a useful product if you like to have a taste of both the Windows and Mac worlds. With the new improvements, the product is getting even better. However, do beware of installing Windows 11 on Macs with M1 since you can only install Arm-based operating systems on M1 devices and Windows on Arm’s x86 emulation is still a work in progress.

parallels desktop 17

Parallels 17 officially lets you run Windows 11 on Mac; improvements include

New and Enhanced Feature Highlights of Parallels Desktop 17 for Mac:

  • Engineered for macOS 12 Monterey and Windows 11: Parallels Desktop 17 will support macOS Monterey as a host and guest operating system (OS) and will be optimized for Windows 11, with both new OSs expected later this year.
  • Applications running with Parallels Desktop 17 on Mac computers with Apple M1¹ and Intel chip now run remarkably faster and more efficiently. Performance observations include:
    • On all supported Mac computers:
      • Up to 38% faster Windows, Linux and macOS resume
      • OpenGL graphics perform up to 6 times faster
      • Up to 25% faster 2D graphics in Windows
    • On a Mac with Apple M1 chip:
      • Up to 33% faster Windows 10 on ARM Insider Preview start
      • Up to 20% faster Windows 10 on ARM Insider Preview disk performance
      • Up to 28% better DirectX 11 graphics performance
    • On a Mac with Intel processor:
    • Up to 60% faster network connection on macOS Big Sur (and newer) virtual machine
  • Display Driver for an Enhanced Windows Gaming Experience: The improved display driver in Parallels Desktop 17 delivers much smoother Windows UI responsiveness and synchronized video playback experience. The new driver boosts the frame rate in many 2D action-platformer games including Foregone, Smelter and many others for a greater gaming experience.
  • Powerful New Features for Apple M1 chip Mac: With Parallels Desktop 17, Windows 10 recognizes Mac battery status and enables battery saving when your Mac runs low of charge. The new virtual TPM chip enables Windows 10 and Windows 11 to use BitLocker and Secure Boot for the higher level of data protection. Enjoy multichannel sound support and jack presence detection with native drivers in Linux VMs. Conveniently use a Linux virtual machine in a windowed view mode with dynamic resolution support - resize the VM window and Linux will refresh the display for the new resolution automatically.
  • Seamlessly Drag and Drop Content between Windows and Mac: Users now enjoy the ability to drop any text or image between Mac and Windows applications, including between Windows applications and macOS Monterey Quick Note (when available).
  • Better Control of Disk Space: As virtual machines - and notably VM snapshots - can occupy a large amount of disk space, users can now see how much disk space their VM snapshots take up and make informed decisions about their Mac computer’s disk space usage in Parallels Desktop 17.

For more details about the new improvements and pricing details, head over to the official site. 

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