XPG Spectix D80 Liquid-Cooled DDR4 Memory is on sale for 60% off!

The XPG Spectix D80 memory was the first to implement liquid cooling mechanism on the DDR4 modules. The DDR4 memory comes in speeds up to 4133 MHz, with each module having 8 GB of capacity on them. The RAM modules look normal from the front, the main difference being that the top bar of the RAM, which is usually reserved for LED light stripes, is a chamber that has liquid flowing through it.

The XPG Spectix D80 is a Liquid-Cooled RAM which can be overclocked up to 5000 MHz and Available For Just $200 US

The Liquid-Cooling chamber on the top of the RAM cools down the ram by having a percentage of heat sent to it to be absorbed and released by the liquid. Another feature of this chamber is the addition of RGB lights that diffuse through the liquid and the plastic pipe.

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Get the ADATA XPG SPECTRIX D80 16 GB DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory Kit Here!

XPG Spectix D80's design looks very stylish, having a red heat spreader on the side of the RAM PCB, which helps dissipate the heat along with the chamber located on the top of the RAM. The XPG Spectix D80 uses the same lighting control that hasn't changed since the previous iteration of the XPG Spectix RAM. The RGB lights are individual LEDs, and motherboard RGB utilities are still addressing the same on-DIMM RGB controller.

The Performance of the particular kit up for sale is quite good, offering a 3200 MHz, having Timing of 16-18-18 and the voltage 1.35V. While the out of box clock speeds seem quite standard at 3200 MHz, with overclocking, this RAM is stated to reach up to 5000 MHz speed, making this set of RAM one of the fastest on the market.

The biggest problem with the XPG Spectix D80 kit has been availability, which has been alleviated when the company switched to using its stores for shipping rather than the drop shippers. The pricing for this kit has been discounted 60% off the original price, which was $499.98 for just a 16GB package, with the 60% off the price makes this RAM cost only $200.99.


Another way this company was initially selling this RAM was through their website, but with this RAM now being available on Newegg and Amazon, the 3600 MHz being available on Amazon for just $141.99.

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