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Xiaomi Will Be Releasing Two Of Its Own Chipsets In 2016 – Which Handsets Will Sport Them?

Aug 27, 2015 21:52 EDT

Earlier, we had published a report stating that custom cores being developed by Xiaomi were going to be introduced during an undisclosed period of 2016. While we do not know what kind of custom cores are going to be incorporated in to the company’s upcoming smartphones, the latest information that we have come across states that the Chinese smartphone firm is treading carefully with the new direction it is taking since we will not be getting to witness a whole family of these chipsets initially.

Xiaomi Will Be Releasing Two Of Its Own Chipsets In 2016 – Which Handsets Will Sport Them?

Xiaomi To Introduce Two Custom Cores To Be Incorporated In To The Company’s Handsets – More Of Them Could Arrive In The Foreseeable Future 

Information coming all the way from China states that Xiaomi is only going to be introducing two custom cores initially, which are going to be found in the firm’s future lineup of smartphones. Since the company’s Redmi series of handsets feature an affordable price, these custom cores are most likely going to be present in them.

One primary reason why Xiaomi is following in the same footsteps as Samsung, Huawei and Apple is because it wants to reduce its dependency on companies like Qualcomm and MediaTek, which supply the Chinese tech company with SoCs. Also, with Xiaomi’s own custom cores, the price tag of its handsets could be reduced even further, allowing the company to further tighten its grip on the entry and mid-tier smartphone market.

Xiaomi recently launched its Redmi Note 2, a powerful handset running a Helio X10 SoC and priced at just $125. If a smartphone firm is able to release handsets like these that are running powerful chipsets, imagine what can happen if it starts to produce its own chipsets? Lowered prices. The firm is said to be in partnership with another Chinese chip making company called Leadcore. It is only fitting to have a local company in your own region to develop custom cores, which will further reduce prices for Xiaomi.

Leadcore LC1860 is a chipset that was present in Redmi 2A; a very affordable handset with an LTE modem, signifying that the company could be responsible for producing these custom cores. For now, Xiaomi will be relying on Qualcomm and MediaTek to supply majority of these chips, but in the future, we expect the company to release even more powerful variants of its own custom ‘system on a chip’.

We will be providing more information to you guys as soon as it becomes available to us.