Xiaomi Mi6 Could Come With an Overclocked Processor and 6GB RAM, According to Leaked Screenshot


As reported earlier, Xiaomi Mi6 is expected to arrive in the Snapdragon 821 variant, followed by a Snapdragon 835 model later in the year. The manufacturer would want nothing more than to disrupt the dominating market share held by Samsung and Apple but manufacturing 10nm FinFET chipsets has run into significant hurdles, which will hurt Xiaomi in the long run. However, according to the leaked screenshot, it looks like the upcoming Mi6 will be worth the wait.

Leaked Screenshot Reveals That Xiaomi Mi6 Features an Overclocked Processor and Hefty Amounts of Internal Storage

If the leaked screenshot is anything to go by, then Xiaomi could be moving away from its initial strategy of providing users with an underclocked processor-running smartphone and distribute a high-performing model instead. Details of the screenshot reveal that the processor is running at a speed of 2.70GHz. In comparison, the stock clock speed of the Kryo 280 processor found in the Snapdragon 835 is 2.45GHz for the quad-core processor, so a jump to 2.70GHz is quite massive for a smartphone.

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In addition, the RAM count listed in the screenshot via MyDrivers is 6GB, but the interesting element to note here is that none of that RAM is being used by the Android OS. Perhaps this is just a testing unit, but something like this should not happen. Xiaomi’s flagships have always come shipped without microSD card slots, and the screenshot reveals that the device will have 256GB of native storage available, which is an overkill but helps the user with storage overhead.

We know that the Mi6 is not going to feature the company’s custom-developed 10nm FinFET chipset because that is expected to appear during the end of the year. If the specifications turn out to be true, then it is highly likely that we will not be seeing this variant first, but the Snapdragon 821 instead, which features less RAM and possibly less internal memory for a lowered price tag.

Thanks to the lack of Snapdragon 835 shipments available, Xiaomi might have to postpone the upgraded Mi6’s announcement to a later month, meaning that it will not be able to launch its flagship around the same time period when Samsung releases its Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus.

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