Xbox Series X/S Consoles and PS5 Accessories Already Arriving at Some Retailers

Nathan Birch
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The Xbox Series X/S and PS5 don’t officially launch until November, but some of the hardware is already starting to be shipped to retailers. A Redditor by the name of gjamesaustin (thanks to Video Games Chronicle for the heads up) has posted some images from a Target warehouse, showing that the retailer has already started to get their stock of Xbox Series X and S consoles. According to our Redditor, his location has received 10 of the Series X and 8 of the Series S thus far. You can check out the images for yourself, below.


Now, before you get too excited, just because stores have their hands on hardware, doesn’t mean they’re going to be selling it early. Most of these units will go toward fulfilling pre-orders, and any left over will probably be strictly sold online for in-store pickup, as most retailers don’t want big lines out the front door during a pandemic. But hey, its good to see that Microsoft is already getting hardware out to stores, hopefully indicating there will be a decent number of units available at launch. It kind of seems hard to believe at times, but next-gen consoles really are almost here!

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Meanwhile, as we’ve already reported, Sony will officially start selling their new PS5 accessories, including the DualSense controller, DualSense Charging Station, HD Camera, Media Remote, and Pulse 3D Wireless Headset, before the launch of the system on October 30. That said, some retailers, including Walmart, have begun stocking the accessories, and in some cases you can already buy them.

The Xbox Series X/S launches on November 10 and the PS5 arrives on November 12 or November 19, depending on whether you live in North America/Australia or Europe. Have you seen an next-gen stuff out in the wild yet?

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