Xbox Head Phil Spencer Frowns Upon Console War Nonsense

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Xbox head Phil Spencer took to Twitter to put down the hostility towards rival gaming platforms.

Spencer recently congratulated Tarsier Games with their most recent title, Little Nightmares. We liked the game as well, and the platform horror adventure has been receiving great reviews overall.

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Following his praise, the head of Xbox was sort of accused of promoting a multiplatform game that seemingly received better reviews on the Xbox One platform. Spencer followed up by tweeting that people should play games on the platform they own.

“I'll never feel strange promoting great games”, he replied. “You should play it on the platform you own..”

Microsoft’s head of the Xbox gaming division later added that gaming is all about games, and not about the console that you’re playing it on.

“When specific game discussions turn from playing great games to which piece of plastic I own I feel like we've lost the plot a bit”, he tweeted.

It’s not the first time that Spencer expressed his distaste towards the negativity towards other gaming platforms. Back in October of last year, he said that he finds it “completely distasteful” when some ‘gamers’  appear to be delighted when a game on a rival platform receives a lower- than-anticipated review score.

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"And I don't. I've been vocal about that as well. I'll turn it around now. Like, when ReCore came out and there were some of the lower scores that were given, I would have PlayStation fans tweet me, happy that ReCore wasn't getting great review scores from some outlets. I just thought it was such a negative thing for our industry for somebody to be gleeful that somebody gave a game a review that was lower than what the team expected. And I don't just think about that in terms of the games that we build. I can look at Hello Games and No Man's Sky. I've known Sean Murray for years, and I said I want them to be successful with the games that [the industry] builds. The games industry gets bigger and better as more people enjoy playing games. And I also think about the teams behind these games, and these are people who spend years of their lives, so committed to the art form of building games. And then when it comes out, for somebody to kind of fold that into a "My console is better than your console" in a very petty way, I find it completely distasteful."

What are your thoughts on this matter? Do you agree with Phil on this? Leave your comment below.

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