Spencer On Console Wars & Glee Towards Bad Reception: “Completely Distasteful” & Bad For Industry


Microsoft’s head of the Xbox gaming division, Phil Spencer, has expressed his distaste concerning the negativity towards other gaming platforms.

Spencer has always been vocal on the constant rivalry between console platforms. You won’t see the Microsoft executive “bad-mouth” other platforms, and on more than one occasion, we have seen him congratulate his rivals.

In a recent interview with Gamespot, Spencer talked more openly about negativity on social media towards the other gaming platforms, and how gamers appear to enjoy the negative banter.

Spencer states to respects the vision of Microsoft’s main rivals, and that its key that others remain respectful towards what others are doing in the gaming space.

“And I don't think we crossed the line there, but as it was going on I also made sure that we remain respectful. Confident, but respectful of what other people are doing”, Spencer told Gamespot.

“I will always be respectful of my friends at the other platform holders; Nintendo, Sony. I have a lot of friends at Sony and Nintendo and both those companies are doing their best to deliver products based on their vision and I respect that. We're doing the same. You won't see me bad-mouth what the other platforms are doing but I am proud of the product decisions that we make and I think that we should be able to talk about it.”

Spencer continued by expressing his distaste about the fact that some gamers appear to be delighted that a game on a rival platform has gotten a lower score than anticipated.

And I don't. I've been vocal about that as well. I'll turn it around now. Like, when ReCore came out and there were some of the lower scores that were given, I would have PlayStation fans tweet me, happy that ReCore wasn't getting great review scores from some outlets. I just thought it was such a negative thing for our industry for somebody to be gleeful that somebody gave a game a review that was lower than what the team expected. And I don't just think about that in terms of the games that we build. I can look at Hello Games and No Man's Sky. I've known Sean Murray for years, and I said I want them to be successful with the games that [the industry] builds. The games industry gets bigger and better as more people enjoy playing games. And I also think about the teams behind these games, and these are people who spend years of their lives, so committed to the art form of building games. And then when it comes out, for somebody to kind of fold that into a "My console is better than your console" in a very petty way, I find it completely distasteful.

He points out that he doesn’t see the point as he won’t have more fun playing on his Xbox when PlayStation games are getting lower scores or the other way around.

I don't have more fun with my Xbox based on the review scores of games that are on PlayStation, or vice versa. If you have an Xbox, I want to ship great games for you and have you have a great time on that console. And that is our focus, right there. It's not about what somebody else is out there doing with their platform. I know there's pockets in every community, I'm not saying Xbox is completely clean here, but as much as I have any influence on it at all, that's not something I will support or entertain. Sorry, that's just something I needed to get out.

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