Xbox One is Easy to Program But PS4 Seems More Powerful – White Night Developer

Well, here our next feature in the console war. With many thinking that the delay of Uncharted 4 will kill PS4 sales and help Xbox One take the lead while others betting on the fact that the lead is just gonna increase and Xbox One will be known in the future as a 2nd tier console, yes, this is what the console war is all about. And in this console war, we have the most basic of questions to debate over and one of them keeps haunting the gamers i.e. Which is the more powerful console? And with the introduction of the prospects of DirectX 12, the question has made the answer more complicated to answer. Well, we have words of a developer today. Even though it was massively believed that the PS4 is the better console owing to the better graphics in many games, it was still unclear which console was more superior in hardware terms.

The White Night Dev Differs from Others and Says That PS4 is More Powerful While the Xbox One is Easier to Program

Several developers have said that the PS4 is easier to develop owing to its unified architecture versus the Xbox One's eSRAM based architecture but the White Night developer Mathieu believes that the PS4 is indeed the more powerful console but the Xbox One is the one easier to program. In an Interview to GamingBolt, Mathieu Said:

“There is not a lot of difference between PS4 and Xbox One versions of White Night. But the development of the game has been slightly different. I would say Xbox One is easier to program, but PS4 seems more powerful.”

Looks like the recent and regular updates of Microsoft of their SDK have finally worked in their favor and this is interesting how a developer comes out and challenges the rest over the normal trend of the developers.

And on a side note, Mathieu also mentioned that the game will not be making its way across the Wii U platform crushing those dreams. “Even if it’s technically possible, no Wii U version is planned for now” he said.

White Night is a third-person survival horror game set in the jazz/noir-era of the 1930s. The game is a mixture of third person action with puzzle solving and old school survival horror. In the game, you investigate a shadowy mansion in the middle of the night after a fatal car crash, where a search for help changes into a thirst gamer has to quench by unearthing secrets of the manor. The games contrast mixes up very well and results in an enjoyable gaming experience which is now available to play on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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